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eGJ Wed 23-Aug-23 07:43:36

Last acronym
Quite reasonable solution

eGJ Thu 21-Sep-23 04:39:29

No other problems

Crocus5 Thu 21-Sep-23 08:21:29

Quickly resolved situation

henetha Fri 22-Sep-23 11:15:11

Tuning up violins

eGJ Sat 23-Sep-23 16:06:09

Will unXpectedly yawned

Ali08 Sat 23-Sep-23 16:31:19

Zero And Broke

henetha Sun 24-Sep-23 10:04:06

Cooking duck eggs

Crocus5 Sun 24-Sep-23 17:34:39

Finally going home

crazyH Sun 24-Sep-23 17:38:50

I’m just knackered

eGJ Sun 24-Sep-23 21:24:56

Leave my nachos

Ali08 Tue 26-Sep-23 13:05:03

Obviously Pertinent Query

eGJ Tue 26-Sep-23 20:32:17

Roast some tatties

henetha Wed 27-Sep-23 11:15:23

Up viaduct walls

eGJ Wed 27-Sep-23 13:56:03

unXpected youths zipwiring

Crocus5 Wed 27-Sep-23 18:38:27

Arranging birthday celebration

crazyH Wed 27-Sep-23 20:35:35

Don’t eat fajitas

eGJ Thu 28-Sep-23 13:26:57

Generate helpful information

Crocus5 Thu 28-Sep-23 16:07:20

Just keep looking

eGJ Fri 29-Sep-23 15:22:53

Make nutritious omelettes

Crocus5 Fri 29-Sep-23 17:48:27

Presently quiet restroom

Ali08 Sat 30-Sep-23 00:55:59

Stroking The Unicorns

eGJ Sat 30-Sep-23 08:20:23

Velux window eXamined

henetha Sat 30-Sep-23 10:55:11

Yesterday zoomed auntie

eGJ Sat 30-Sep-23 18:48:01

Beaming children dancing

Ali08 Tue 03-Oct-23 04:58:18

Extraterrestrials Finding Graceland

eGJ Tue 03-Oct-23 08:20:03

Heavily impressive jewellery