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eGJ Wed 23-Aug-23 07:43:36

Last acronym
Quite reasonable solution

biglouis Wed 28-Feb-24 09:18:46

eXercising young zebras

HowVeryDareYou2 Wed 28-Feb-24 11:33:40

Aren't babies cute?

crazyH Wed 28-Feb-24 11:42:39

Do elephants fly?

Juliet27 Wed 28-Feb-24 22:29:41

Given hazy image

biglouis Thu 29-Feb-24 10:40:21

Judicial knowledge lead

HowVeryDareYou2 Thu 29-Feb-24 15:18:19

Made no opposition

Juliet27 Thu 29-Feb-24 15:54:22

Price query raised

crazyH Thu 29-Feb-24 23:44:09

State the unnecessary

SeaWoozle Fri 01-Mar-24 00:13:30

Very wobbly xylophone

biglouis Fri 01-Mar-24 10:08:59

Zits are brutal

henetha Fri 01-Mar-24 10:57:20

Coming down escalator

HowVeryDareYou2 Fri 01-Mar-24 18:37:29

Fancied grilled Halibut

crazyH Fri 01-Mar-24 23:01:47

Is Jackie kind?

Juliet27 Sat 02-Mar-24 10:28:34

Lesson much needed

biglouis Sat 02-Mar-24 11:35:25

Opened petty quarrel

Juliet27 Sat 02-Mar-24 11:45:25

Room sensed tension

Ali08 Sat 02-Mar-24 11:51:59

Uncle Vincent Walked.

Juliet27 Sat 02-Mar-24 16:41:23

Xanadu’s Yuan Zenith

Crocus5 Sat 02-Mar-24 16:49:53

A beautiful creature

biglouis Sun 03-Mar-24 00:49:47

Doing everything fast

Crocus5 Sun 03-Mar-24 07:24:43

Got house insured

HowVeryDareYou2 Sun 03-Mar-24 08:54:39

Just knitted leggings

henetha Sun 03-Mar-24 11:40:28

More nice oysters

HowVeryDareYou2 Sun 03-Mar-24 13:16:06

Patchwork quilt's ready

biglouis Sun 03-Mar-24 14:28:35

Sewing tediously unpicked

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