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Nerdlers Nerdling ?

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FannyCornforth Thu 19-May-22 11:05:41

New Nerdle thread smile

muse Thu 19-May-22 11:07:38


I’m loving the binerdle challenge too.
binerdle 7 3&5/7



muse Thu 19-May-22 11:09:44

It seems to have posted my last 3 lines twice ?

FarNorth Thu 19-May-22 11:28:02

Here's my 2 for today smile

nerdlegame 120 2/6


FannyCornforth Thu 19-May-22 14:01:19

Well done FarNorth ⭐️?
That really is stupendous!
Especially as your first line wasn’t a ‘lucky’ one.

You did really well with BiNerdle too muse

I haven’t Nerdled at all today yet…
See you all (all six of us; I wonder if we’ll get any bigger?) later smile

In fact, I’m quite surprised that Nerdle isn’t so popular, considering how many are on the Wordle thread

muse Thu 19-May-22 14:27:26

?????? FarNorth.

nerdlegame 120 3/6


Perhaps the greater numbers on Wordle might say why they don’t do Nerdle FC.

I do daily wordle but prefer the challenge of the bigger ones such as Octordle.

FarNorth Thu 19-May-22 14:51:50

The previous Nerdle thread was on Chat. Maybe this one being in Games will attract more attention.

TillyTrotter Thu 19-May-22 16:19:56

Hi all,
I have got stuck after 2 lines of nerdle today. I am not on as “on the ball” as some of you who have done splendidly.
I will leave it and come back later …..
Well done nerdlers ?

nadateturbe Thu 19-May-22 17:24:34

Giving it a miss today.
Well done Farnorth you might be right about being on Games.
And well done Binerdlers.

FarNorth Thu 19-May-22 17:41:01

Here's my Binerdle:

binerdle 7 3&5/7



TillyTrotter Thu 19-May-22 18:00:51

Came back to it and completed …..
nerdlegame 120 3/6


FannyCornforth Fri 20-May-22 06:13:46

Well done for perseverance Tilly
I didn’t do it at all yesterday; but I’ve found it online and done it just now.
So here is Thursday’s:

nerdlegame 120 3/6


I hope that you’re having a better day today nadateturbe x

dogsmother Fri 20-May-22 07:09:15

Oh well done, I have an irrational fear of numbers everyone in my immediate family go straight to nerdle. I’m wordle and quordle.

FannyCornforth Fri 20-May-22 07:23:36

Hello dogsmother smile
Please, please give it a go!

She won’t mind me saying this, but Tilly and I were exactly the same.
I’ve actually got dyscalculia; and I honestly didn’t think that I’d be able to do it at all.

I get my Alexa to do the calculations, and even then I know I take much longer than everyone else on here. Sometimes over an hour!
And the fact that it won’t allow you to put in a calculation that doesn’t compute is a massive bonus.

I absolutely love Nerdle now.
Like muse and nadateturbe, I like it much more that Wordle; and I’m definitely a word person too.
Without sounding big headed, I don’t really find Wordle a challenge (I’ve got it in 2 over 20 times ?, I think that muse probably has too)

Go on - give it a go!

muse Fri 20-May-22 11:44:19

Wordle took me a while today FC. Ridiculous word!

Good to see you dogsmother. Keep trying.

nerdlegame 121 3/6


muse Fri 20-May-22 11:45:33

I’m hopeless with mental calculations so it’s calculator or pencil and paper most days.

TillyTrotter Fri 20-May-22 19:47:53

Fanny encouraged me when I was loath to try nerdle and
I rarely miss a day now.
I often use paper and a pencil and it helps muse and dogsmother
It is wordle that gets my goat more times than nerdle. As our wordlers say, sometimes it is a stupid word.

TillyTrotter Fri 20-May-22 19:48:17

I’ll be back when I have done today’s…… ?

TillyTrotter Fri 20-May-22 20:07:26

Got it in 5 this evening …..
nerdlegame 121 5/6


muse Fri 20-May-22 20:16:17

Try the binerdle Tilly. Go on - dare you !

How have you done today nadateturbe ?

TillyTrotter Fri 20-May-22 21:04:27

Can you hear me I’m laughing muse ? ?
I have bi-nerdled for the first time ….
binerdle 8 5&4/7



nadateturbe Fri 20-May-22 21:49:01

Good evening everyone.
nerdlegame 121 4/6
Not great muse, kept choosing wrong option. But at least I did it. I'll leave binerdle for a better day.


muse Fri 20-May-22 23:25:08

Very good to see you nadateturbe.

Yippee. Tilly. ??

Late doing bi but got there.
binerdle 8 3&5/7



FarNorth Fri 20-May-22 23:27:35

I'm a bit late today

nerdlegame 121 3/6


FarNorth Sat 21-May-22 06:03:15

Another 3.

nerdlegame 122 3/6


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