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I wore my Beatles t-shirt to bed, and woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head...

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CanadianGran Wed 29-Jun-22 22:45:46


I wore my Elton John t-shirt to bed and dreamt of a Tiny Dancer..

carry on...

Grandyma Wed 29-Jun-22 23:02:49

I wore my Tom Jones t-shirt to bed but that’s not unusual

tanith Wed 29-Jun-22 23:05:57

I wore my ‘Stones’ T-shirt to bed and got no satisfaction.

CaravanSerai Wed 29-Jun-22 23:07:44

I wore my Kinks t-shirt to bed All Day and All of the Night

Bridie22 Wed 29-Jun-22 23:08:32

I wore my Led zeppelin tshirt and climbed the stairway to heaven

CaravanSerai Wed 29-Jun-22 23:11:17

I wore my Cream t-shirt to bed in my White Room.

Parsley3 Wed 29-Jun-22 23:29:22

I wore my BeeGees t-shirt to bed and woke up with a Night Fever.

mokryna Wed 29-Jun-22 23:37:39

I wore my Crispian St Peters t-shirt to bed and I woke up this morning.

CaravanSerai Wed 29-Jun-22 23:38:34

I wore my Eagles t-shirt to bed but I Can’t Tell You Why.

Chestnut Wed 29-Jun-22 23:44:53

I wore my Bobby Vee t-shirt to bed because the Night Has a Thousand Eyes.

MiniMoon Wed 29-Jun-22 23:50:58

I wore my Monkees tee shirt to bed an woke up on The Last Train to Clarksville.

Chestnut Wed 29-Jun-22 23:54:16

I wore my Who t-shirt to bed as a Substitute for my nightie.

LadyGaGa Wed 29-Jun-22 23:58:36

I wore my Madonna t-shirt to bed and I woke up like a virgin

CaravanSerai Thu 30-Jun-22 00:00:15

I wore my Madness t-shirt to bed - with some Baggy Trousers.

biglouis Thu 30-Jun-22 00:18:29

I wore my Chris de Burgh t-shirt to bed and woke up dressed in red!

Beechnut Thu 30-Jun-22 00:19:42

I wore my Amy MacDonald t-shirt to bed and woke up a Footballer’s Wife.

CaravanSerai Thu 30-Jun-22 00:36:25

I wore my Platters t-shirt to bed at Twilight Time.

Jangran99 Thu 30-Jun-22 00:42:32

I wore my Animals t-shirt and woke up in the House of the Rising Sun

CaravanSerai Thu 30-Jun-22 00:59:59

I wore my Duran Duran t-shirt to bed and woke up Hungry Like The Wolf

Namsnanny Thu 30-Jun-22 01:07:57

I wore my Dolly Parton T-shirt to bed and then the next day from 9 to 5

Georgesgran Thu 30-Jun-22 02:22:55

I wore my Small Faces T-shirt to bed and woke up in Itchycoo Park.

Matza Thu 30-Jun-22 03:01:17

I wore my Moody Blues T-shirt to bed, but really I prefer, Nights In White Satin.

vegansrock Thu 30-Jun-22 06:32:52

I wore my Fleetwood Mac T shirt to bed and woke up Everywhere.

Skomer Thu 30-Jun-22 06:54:32

I wore my Rainbow t shirt to bed and slept All Night Long

H1954 Thu 30-Jun-22 07:00:09

I wore my Pink Floyd tee shirt to bed and woke up to Another Brick In The Wall