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What Is It Good For - Alphabetical

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PestyOne Sat 06-Jan-24 13:42:20

Alphabetical game 'What is it good for' examples x2:

Apples are good for keeping the doctor away.
Baskets are good for carrying groceries.

1. Annoraks are good for keeping you dry in the rain.

PestyOne Sat 06-Jan-24 14:08:01

Bananas are good for making Banoffe Pie

crazyH Sat 06-Jan-24 14:27:20

Curry is good for absorbing alcohol

PestyOne Sat 06-Jan-24 14:36:05

Delicatessen is good for buying smelly cheeses

Squiffy Sat 06-Jan-24 14:50:32

Enails are good for keeping in touch with people.

Squiffy Sat 06-Jan-24 14:51:34

Emails are even better! 🙄😆

Mel1967 Sat 06-Jan-24 14:56:39

Fish Fingers are good with chips

PestyOne Sat 06-Jan-24 17:08:58

Germany is good for buying bratwurst

PestyOne Sat 06-Jan-24 22:28:50

Hula Hoops are good for toning your waistline.

denbylover Sat 06-Jan-24 22:36:16

Ice cream is good anytime.

PestyOne Sat 06-Jan-24 22:42:42

Jigsaw puzzles are a good activity for rainy days

wildswan16 Sun 07-Jan-24 08:51:56

Kittens are good for making us smile

Knitandnatter Sun 07-Jan-24 08:56:34

Lemons are good for lemon drizzle cake.

Gwyllt Sun 07-Jan-24 08:59:59

Mugs are good for making coffee in

henetha Sun 07-Jan-24 10:19:38

Nuts are apparently very good for us.

PestyOne Sun 07-Jan-24 18:06:54

Obsidian stone is good to use in jewellery making.

crazyH Sun 07-Jan-24 18:22:59

Parties are good for having fun

Mel1967 Sun 07-Jan-24 18:24:47

Queens are good for reigning

crazyH Sun 07-Jan-24 18:46:24

Rain is good for crops

Oregano Sun 07-Jan-24 20:02:03

Steam is good for getting creases out.

PestyOne Sun 07-Jan-24 22:30:09

Tupperware is good for storing food in.

Gwyllt Sun 07-Jan-24 23:08:32

Underwear is good for preserving your modesty

crazyH Sun 07-Jan-24 23:11:50

Vests are really good for keeping warm

PestyOne Mon 08-Jan-24 00:30:01

Wellies are good for keeping your feet dry when jumping in puddles.

crazyH Mon 08-Jan-24 00:37:51

Xmas is good for family get-togethers