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Clawdy Sun 17-Mar-24 14:25:35

Sorry if someone has already started a new thread!

Try everything new

crazyH Sun 17-Mar-24 15:46:41

Not exactly wonderful

Clawdy Sun 17-Mar-24 16:34:43

Folding up laundry

Clawdy Mon 18-Mar-24 08:17:20

Doctor ringing you

henetha Mon 18-Mar-24 09:50:15

You often underestimate

LucyAnna Mon 18-Mar-24 13:42:19

Acrobats teetering elegantly

Crocus5 Tue 19-Mar-24 14:34:47

This lovely yogurt

Clawdy Tue 19-Mar-24 22:10:21

Unusual red tortoise

henetha Tue 19-Mar-24 23:25:55

It's soon Easter

crazyH Tue 19-Mar-24 23:30:52

Ten eggs required

Clawdy Wed 20-Mar-24 22:33:05

Raining every day

Ali08 Sun 24-Mar-24 15:46:56

Dainty And Young

Crocus5 Mon 25-Mar-24 21:30:52

Uncle's new garage

crazyH Mon 25-Mar-24 21:45:37

Ask general enquiry

Clawdy Mon 25-Mar-24 23:02:55

I regularly yawn

henetha Tue 26-Mar-24 09:43:51

Adventures with nephew

Crocus5 Wed 27-Mar-24 19:31:30

Having excellent wine

Mel1967 Wed 27-Mar-24 21:27:56

I’m never excited

biglouis Wed 27-Mar-24 21:40:26

Terrible enduring drought

Clawdy Thu 28-Mar-24 08:22:34

Go home tomorrow

Crocus5 Thu 28-Mar-24 09:15:16

Racketball on Wednesday

henetha Thu 28-Mar-24 09:51:44

Dozing at yoga

biglouis Thu 28-Mar-24 10:16:05

Organized games again

Clawdy Thu 28-Mar-24 16:26:17

Always interested now

Mel1967 Fri 29-Mar-24 09:25:58

Never Open Windows