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pompa Wed 08-Oct-14 09:42:50

Where we are born or who we are too is the luck of the draw.

I have been curious about Lorraine Pascal's origins. She was born to Caribbean parents, but she has very fine features, not typically Afro Caribbean.

Watching Brian Cox's new program last night, there was an Ethiopian girl shown that could have easily been her sister, she was the image of Lorraine.

This got me to thinking, here we have two beautiful women, one born in relative poverty and another born into relative prosperity.

Lorraine was able to control her life to become the person she is now, the Ethiopian girl only had the option to survive.

Not sure where these thought are going, but luck has a lot to do with life's outcome. We can all make the best/worst of our lot, but we need the cards to be dealt well.

baubles Wed 08-Oct-14 09:50:38

I've no idea who Lorraine Pascal is Pompa but I do agree with you that luck plays an enormous part in our lives.

Being lucky enough to be born into a loving family is a good start.

pompa Wed 08-Oct-14 10:02:23

Lorraine Pascale is an ex model whom has become a celebrity chef, her current show teaches people like me to cook basic meals.

Nonnie Wed 08-Oct-14 10:33:33

I only agree to some extent because I think we make our own luck most of the time. My own experience is that I did not come from a loving family and I married someone whose family did not have a good education and lived in social housing. He and I have worked very hard to improve our lot in life and to be good and loving parents to our children, which we hope we have done.

There have been many times in our life when it would have been easier to make a different decision but we were brave and chose what we thought was best for the family and the result is that our life and our children and grandchildren's lives are very different to the ones we were born into.

It does feel sometimes that today there are people who expect luck to come to them without any effort on their part. Life is not fair and it should not necessarily be easy but can be rewarding for those who make their own luck.

pompa Wed 08-Oct-14 10:49:23

I was really thinking of people born into very different societies where opportunities are just not there.

Elegran Wed 08-Oct-14 10:55:14

If there are no opportunities where you are, and you can't get out to somewhere else, it is very hard to pull yourself up by your bootstraps out of poverty and ignorance. In this country, we are very lucky in what is possible. It may still be a slog, but with determination anyone can make a life for themselves.

Jane10 Wed 08-Oct-14 15:44:06

I often look in horror at the News. Just looking at all these ordinary Syrian refugees for example- families like anyone else: then their homes are destroyed and they have to walk sometimes long, long distances with as many of their children, old people and possessions as they can manage with the prospect of, at best, life in a refugee camp. I often think its just sheer luck that decides where we are born and who to. The phrase "there but for the grace of God etc" springs to mind. Don't know what we can do about it apart from the obvious charitable donations but I think its also important to just keep these poor unfortunate people in mind. We mustn`t forget about them comfortable as we are in our UK homes and with our busy lives. Not everyone is as lucky.

Nonnie Thu 09-Oct-14 09:58:10

Jane I agree the most we can do financially is to donate to well chosen charities but I do think we can do more. We can all stand up and tell our politicians it is unacceptable and also condemn the wicked things which happen in our own country. There have been some recent shocking events in the UK which were not dealt with because the authorities were too scared of being labelled racist. It is not racist to draw attention to wrongs whoever is responsible for them and we must stand against such things and remember it is our country with our values.