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Wobblybits Sun 01-Apr-18 18:51:06

I hope you have been looking after the shed whilst I have been away, or are there happy mice, spiders etc. lurking amongst the dust ?
I spent today sorting my shed and garage out today. Dumped a bale of barley straw out of the shed bought it for my pond years ago and never used it, quite surprised that mice had not taken it over. It will be re cycled in the compost and around my strawberries.

Synonymous Mon 02-Apr-18 00:40:20

Hi Wobbly sporting out the shed and garage eh? When you'vs done yours there is another pair here that need some TLC if you have any energy left! We haven't sorted ours out since everything got dumped in them when we moved and nothing has improved on it's own since then. DH was involved in a serious smash over a year ago and is only just getting (very carefully) mobile trying to prepare for the next operation in the summer. He has his eye on doing the same as you are now that spring has sprung - much to my disquiet! Just hoping he will pace himself.
We have just bought a collection of strawberry plants from jp's which consists of 12 of 3 different varieties which should cover the whole of the summer. hmm Hope they all come to fruition! grin