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Oh, my aching feet!

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apricot Sat 25-Jul-15 20:16:13

I walk everywhere and nowadays ever step hurts. Went to the doctor who has referred me to a podiatrist and also said I'll need surgery on my bunions and hammer toes.
I'll be delighted to have my hideous feet straightened out but I had a hammer toe done a few years ago and it was horrible - a pin sticking out for 6 weeks which kept getting knocked and the toe left rigid. That toe is now as bad as ever again and the next one much worse.
Has anyone had bunions and hammer toes done lately? I'm hoping they do it differently now. Tell me your old-woman-with-bad-feet experiences.

Icyalittle Sat 25-Jul-15 21:16:59

I haven't had anything similar done, although I'm sure someone helpful and reassuring will be along shortly, but just wanted to wish you good luck and comfortable feet before too long. flowers

AshTree Sat 25-Jul-15 22:27:00

I really empathise as I have terribly achy feet - bunions on both feet and yes, the dreaded hammer toes. But actually it's not these that cause the most problems for me - my feet ache terribly on the top, and this can be almost crippling at times with shooting pains that make me gasp out loud. I've seen a podiatrist and she has been unable to find the cause. All she's been able to do is provide orthotics which, frankly, are worse than useless because, let's face it, I can't use them in summer sandals and neither can I use them in any shoe other than clumpy, roomy trainers, because they reduce the depth in a shoe which in turn cramps the hammer toes! So I just suffer (not always in silence grin)
Good luck with your surgery - my daughter had her toe straightened a few years ago, which was the worse pain she'd experienced, but so worth it, she says, because now her feet look normal and she can wear standard width shoes again. And she had a pretty tattoo done a couple of years ago to disguise the scar smile

granjura Sun 26-Jul-15 10:46:52

Ouch it all sounds so so painful, I am sorry.

Did you watch the 'One Show' the other day, which explained the terrible effect of feet, back and so much more- of high heels? My mil had to have that op and it was not much fun- and she still went on to wear heels.

For me, after such a severe car accident when young, leading to a very bad knee now, and a shortening of over inches- heels have been a thing of the past for the past 44 years. But perhaps you may have to accept to wear more 'sensible' (yes, I know- not much fun) at least most of the time.

TriciaF Sun 26-Jul-15 11:19:11

I have a bunion, plus a few hammer toes, plus some arthritis in the big toe joints.
I think the shooting pains in the feet are due to arthritis.
I've found an excellent podiatrist, a young woman with very clever hands. She mostly treats my corns.
In the summer I wear open toed sandals and my feet are quite comfortable, it's wearing closed shoes plus socks tights etc which cause the problems.
A tip for the hammer toes - I cut a small sponge pad and tape it under the toe, to stop it rubbing on the sandal sole etc. It has to be replaced, re-used, each day but worth the effort. You can buy these sponges in the supermarket with the washingup things.

downtoearth Sun 26-Jul-15 11:23:27

My bunions are hereditary,not the result of bad footwear.
I have had pain and infections in them since the age of 14 due to the skin rubbing and the bursa of fluid getting bigger around the joint.
I severed a major tendon in one foot due to an accident,which was never able to be repaired,but has left scarring over my foot and ankle.The tendon is the one that allows movement in the big toe which is responsible for helping balance.That operation was extremely painful and took a year to heal.
I was due to have both feet operated on and at the last minute I developed a chest infection and it was cancelled,Life got in the way and I have never been to find a time that has been right for me to do again.
Shoes are a nightmare working all my life in retail has been difficult as you have to have footwear that conforms,but have never been right or comfortable,have difficulty with summer shoes and socks and boots cause problems due to the rubbing of several layers against the joints,I get pain have back problems due to posture and find walking uncomfortable as I cannot find suitable shoes that are affordable.....I find the shoe boxes are probably a better fitgrin

apricot Sun 26-Jul-15 17:15:47

Thanks for sympathy. I've never worn pointy or high-heeled shoes, having almost square feet I couldn't have done even if I'd wanted to.
I suppose any operation on feet is sure to be painful afterwards but worth it if it gives me nice normal feet again.
Meanwhile, I'll adopt downtoearth's fashion tip and wear shoe boxes!

granjura Sun 26-Jul-15 18:06:33

Again ouch- and good luck. DD2 has inherited her grand-mother's feet and loves high heels and pointy shoes- it will end it tears but she totally refuses to listen to reason. Hey ho.

loopylou Sun 26-Jul-15 18:52:16

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!
Definitely wincing ready this thread, and I too have foot pain from totally dislocating my right ankle with eight fractures three years ago (I'm lucky to have avoided amputation) but I have now have arthritis and my heel wearing days are gone sad, flat shoes exacerbate the problem and I find it's difficult finding really comfy shoes other than Hotters.

I really think that having painful feet is the worst place to be affected.

annodomini Sun 26-Jul-15 19:53:49

You can't get away from sore feet! I now have osteo arthritis in my left foot. Shooting pains seem to be characteristic of it as it can quite suddenly attack me as I'm innocently walking along the road. If I'm going to be doing a lot of continuous walking I take a hiking pole with me - it looks more sporty than a walking stick!

Nanabelle Sun 26-Jul-15 22:54:26

The trouble is, shoes are just not made "foot shaped". Clarks and Startrites (and I am sure many others) make the right shaped shoes for little children but once we are older, this shaped shoe is almost impossible to find. I am another with a bunion and hammer toes, and the hammer toes mean I live in Ugg boots all winter (so soft and room) and open sandals in summer. (or flip flops!).
Hope your op works out well for you apricot if you go ahead with one.

Nanabelle Sun 26-Jul-15 22:55:50

…. wish there was an edit button ….. roomy Ugg boots (actually, mine are by Hotter, but they don't seem to make them anymore. Luckily I bought two pairs!)

Teetime Mon 27-Jul-15 10:01:08

I had my Hallus valgus (bunion) and hammer toe on the right foot done about 20 months ago. I had quite a lot of damage in my foot from arthritis and old broken toes from various accidents, fell walking, golf etc so needed bone removed and then everything screwed and pinned back together. I had K wire sticking out of my toe for 4 weeks. Recovery was not too painful you just need to keep on top of the pain relief and elevate the foot. The big fat dressings were quickly reduced and I was on crutches for 3 weeks. The horrible part was my husband's I had to have it done as that foot was very deformed and I couldn't get shoes on but the other foot although not pretty is not quite as bad so I'll hold off that one for a while. No pain in the operated foot now but its not a pretty site!!! Regular chiropody needed to tend to the funny shaped toenails.

downtoearth Mon 27-Jul-15 10:26:16

Have just returned from a 2 mile walk and sleeping bunions are now awake and hollering for an apology,they better had get used to it as my OH now needs the car for work and the only way I am going to be getting out of the village to civilisation is a 2 mile walk to get a bus that goes anywhere...have some hotter boots which are similar to Uggs but when my feet get overheated that causes problems.I have arthritis in the damaged toe joint and no movement in the big toe that flops about of its own free will and likes to bend itself double when putting on shoes.Toe post sandals are lovely but look hideous with two massive bulges and toes that go at a 45 degree angle,I do have the chiropodist regularly and my toe nails painted,but feel embarrassed about the poor girl that has to paint them ...but at least I have feet and am mobile.

apricot Tue 28-Jul-15 19:49:51

I'd really like my feet amputated and wheels fitted instead. They'd have to swivel like buggy wheels. I could whizz along and they would never hurt again.

Marseea Tue 28-Jul-15 23:12:33

Apricot has the best answer!..what's with the arthritis in big toe...shooting pain. ..aching arches. ...hard to have aching feet and work at 78....oh well
..could be worse.

TriciaF Wed 29-Jul-15 18:22:08

I'm staying with eldest daughter at the moment, and rather shocked to see that she seems to have inherited the same foot problems as mine , poor lass!
Obviously not as bad as mine yet, but the same toe distortions. She's been referred to a foot specialist by her GP so hope they don't get any worse.

mrsrabbit Wed 05-Aug-15 16:06:08

My daughter has the beginnings of bunions and also Haglunds which are like bunions on her heals ...have you heard of Haglunds?

NfkDumpling Wed 05-Aug-15 16:43:36

I too have a sleeping bunion which only really really hurts after a couple of miles walking - provided I'm wearing hike boots/sandals. A friend who's had her bunions done tells me there's no chance of an operation until the pain is 8 out of 10. It's difficult to tell as I'm on permanent pain killers for my dodgey knee! Anyway, a couple of months ago I persuaded my doctor to refer me to the hospital. Heard nothing yet, so I expect it'll be a year or two before I'm sorted.

Tegan Wed 05-Aug-15 18:05:37

Lovely warm day last week decided to take the dog on a long walk; wore my usual trainers but had put on some socks that were a bit threadbare round the heel which, combined with the fact that I had my insoles in the trainers [which I don't always need to use these days] meant that there was little cushioning under my heel. Got back with my foot feeling totally bruised underneath. Thankfully, soaking in epsom salts and putting on voltarol for a few days took the edge off the pain and I'm fine now. But, did think I'd messed up my foot for the remainder of the summer. I've got a family wedding next year and I need to start planning footwear now. I have some pretty Hotter shoes that I bought ages ago but have never worn because they have small heels; had better try to break them in now sad. Also have awful athletes foot round my little toe[ due to wearing trainers most of the time and the hot weather I guess. Have put everything I could find on it with no success [daktacort/fucidin/hydrocortisone etc] but the other day put some ancient [and I really mean ancient] Boots medicated talc on it which contains a substance called Allantoin and it's almost cleared up. Never heard of Allantoin before but it seems it's in lots of things. I thought I'd better look it up because, with the talc being years and years old I thought Allantoin might now be a banned substance shock [it isn't; phew] Think I'm going to use it on my feet a lot from now on.

Experigran Thu 06-Aug-15 10:22:18

I have extremely ugly feet. The big toe started to push over when I was sixteen and gradually got worse as the years went by. Add to that hammer toes and then arthritis set into the small bones on the top of the foot. In my sixties they were extremely painful and at times I could not walk at all. However, one Christmas a friend gave me a small bottle of Emu Oil. it said 'A wrinkly old bird from Australia to help with your arthritis' I had lived in Australia for a while and she thought this would be a bit of fun. I used it and it worked! The pain was relieved. I recommended it to many and when I went to buy some more they had sold out. I rang my daughter in Australia and she sent me a pot, which she said was much cheaper, but it was not so refined and was just like chicken fat. I kept it in the fridge. One day I smothered my feet in it and went for a walk along the sea front. Coming the other way was a man with a big blood hound on the lead. The dog pulled him from the other side of the Esplanade and proceeded, to his great embarrassment, to lick my feet. I didn't tell him why!

However eventually the pain went altogether and now in my late seventies I can walk easily. I was always advised not to have them operated on if I could walk as they are sometimes worse after than before. Of course, procedures have changed since then. My hammer toes I cover with silipos caps. I buy large ones as the small ones tend to ruck up in the shoes. Cosy Feet make some nice wide fitting shoes which I find very comfortable.

Try here for Emu Oil:

Welshwench52 Mon 29-Feb-16 12:55:21

I have severe arthritis in the tavo-navicular joint in my foot which limits my ability to stand or walk and causes a great deal of pain. The surgical option is to have the joint pinned to prevent movement and reduce pain. Has anyone had a similar operation and how successful is it? I'm concerned that I may be worse off and not be able to walk at all afterward. Thanks.

TriciaF Mon 29-Feb-16 17:01:22

I think this is the joint where I was having pain due to arthritis, and my doctor gave me a steroid injection, which helped.
But maybe my arthritis is different, when it's starting up it's very painful, but after a few months it settles down into a bony lump. (fingers crossed.)

Elegran Thu 05-Dec-19 13:42:20

Those of you with wide and/or knobbly feet may like to look at the website for Widerfit shoes, where I have bought all my shoes since I discovered them more than ten years ago. They boast (rightly) that they are " the only company that offers shoes in V (E-EEE), EE, 2V, 4E, 6E, 6V and 8E fittings " They change their range often, and have have frequent sales where they sell end-of-lines at reduced prices.
No, I don't get any commission for recommending them - unfortunately.

craftyone Thu 05-Dec-19 20:03:41

elegran that is where I have had my shoes from for a great many years. I have always had wide feet, then bunions and later hammer toes. I get db shoes and am very envious of those who can wear sandals that show bare toes. Somehow I am managing to avoid foot pain and have bought a shiatsu foot massager which works like reflexology and stretches the skin under my feet

I steeled myself to go to a very nice podiatrist last year, was very scared ever since a podiatrist years ago came at me with a scalpel. This one was a very lovely and sympathetic young man who had worked in a hospital. He was very encouraging, congratulated me on my footwear and said to use cream more often. I had 30 minutes for £30. He said I didn`t need to go back. He explained why bunions are inherited, to do with a tendon