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Menieres disease

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loopyloo Tue 19-Dec-17 07:37:26

Does anyone else have this? Any tips for coping with this would be helpful. Do you find low salt prevents attacks?
Currently I am having a dizzy phase. It might be the stress of Christmas. Haven't had any alcohol.

silverlining48 Tue 19-Dec-17 08:57:45

Hello loopy, yes i have menieres and understand how bad you are feeling now. There are other conversations on thus site about this debilitating disease, so i wont go into it all again, other than i was prescribed betahistine which has given me 4 years of peace. It helped a friend too. In the meantime there is an injection which stops the awful vertigo, very quickly, as well as the buccastem which you put under the gum.
If you are dizzy keep your eyes focused on one spot in front of you and a bowl nearby. I still have an old ice cream tub in my wardrobe and car, just in case. Even after 4 years!

tessagee Tue 19-Dec-17 12:16:18

Developed it fifty years ago in my mid- twenties and have several tried and tested dos and don'ts. Please feel free to message me privately. In the meantime if possible try to treat a full-on attack as you would a migraine, lying perfectly still in a darkened room until vertigo passes.

Catlover123 Sun 17-Sep-23 12:44:51

I have been having attacks of vertigo for 9 months now, mostly once a month. Sometimes I am very sick and it usually lasts about 3-4 hrs. The doctor doesn't seem to know the cause and has given me anti-nausea tablets. Does anyone have any ideas? It just comes out of the blue and leaves me feeling exhausted.