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Prolapse repair

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Janet21 Tue 16-Jan-18 18:58:13

Had Anterior and posterior repair and sacrospinous fixation but it still doesn’t look right in my lady bits had operation 6 weeks ago. Has anyone had this procedure I’m in no pain and no follow up appointment from my consultant x

Alexa Sat 20-Jan-18 11:13:04

I used to work as a nurse in a gyn ward where repairs were done. These were very very successful. As a gynaecology nurse one sees huge variations of what may be thought to be 'normal' appearance. Function is what matters. If your "lady bits" are functioning well they are absolutely okay please believe me.

Janet21 Mon 22-Jan-18 21:00:37

Thank you Alexa I’m just concerned it’s still there xx

Ginny74 Thu 06-Dec-18 17:05:50

I have a vault prolapse, I'm told it's mild, but the pain and discomfort is anything but. Does anyone else have this problem? I take paracetamol when it gets too much, but don't feel this is the answer indefinitely. Anyone help/advise me. This all started in July, still struggling. I have seen my GP three times but just seem to wait and wait for help.

Fennel Thu 06-Dec-18 19:42:19

That sounds very distressing.
Has anyone suggested physio? From what I understand all these prolapses down below as we get older are due to loss of tension in abdominal muscles. Internal and external. Everything sinks downwards, all the important organs that we depend on.
I've got another version, waiting for an operation for repair, not very hopefully.

farview Thu 06-Dec-18 20:30:29

Hi Janet21...I had that exact procedure about 18yrs ago and have been absolutely fine...6,wks isn't long...don't worry...BUT I did have a follow up appointment with consultant and maybe you should insist on that for your own piece of mind and to put forward any questions you have.