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Varicose Veins

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Suzyb Mon 04-Mar-19 12:05:40

Sure some other GN’s will suffer with these pesky veins. Mine are mainly on my front calves and knees and are very small but lots of them and unsightly. They just seem to appear overnight. Round my ankle on right leg which gives me some pain. I’m 68 and want to have them treated as worried if I knock my leg they could ulcerate as skin seems quite thin on my calves. Know I’ll have to pay and found a reputable clinic and read all their reviews. I’m very active and do my 10k steps most days. Any advice?

B9exchange Mon 04-Mar-19 23:53:37

You probably will have to go privately if you can afford it, a lot of CCGs are refusing to fund VV surgery. If they could be injected even better, why not go for an initial appointment and see what is recommended?