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Fell and cracked a Rib!!!!!!

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Agnieszka Wed 19-Jun-19 00:36:45

Hi everyone, once again.
Here is my story, and I am wondering if any of you lovely ladies, has experience of my particular accident.
On Saturday evening my husband and I were tidying up the loft of our home, and on the descent …...I lost my footing on the stairs and crashed to the floor, landing heavily on my right side.
Absolute agony prevailed and has been so since, with no improvements.
I was attending the Physio this afternoon anyway, about my Back problem, and she could tell that it was going to be impossible to examine my Spine, due to my distress.
I recounted my story, and after a very tender feel around my Ribcage, she diagnosed a Rib injury(Probably not fractured but definitely cracked).
It is so difficult even to breathe and of course impossible to rest.
Has anyone suffered similar?.....I would be most interested to hear from you, and to know how well you recovered.
Thank you for taking the time to read.
Agnieszka. x

crazyH Wed 19-Jun-19 00:51:55

Yes, I was having New upstairs bathroom done. I stood on the floorboards , (left leg on one and right, on the other). I was on my lunch hour, so I was asking the plumber various questions and my mobile phone went off. It was my boss asking me if I could go back early. It took me aback and forgetting that I was on floorboards, I turned to walk out and I fell through the ceiling, but before I fell to the ground floor, my son caught me. I was bruised . Rang the oncall centre. They advised if there was no coughingup blood, things get over in time- 2 weeks. Nothing they can do for broken ribs. They were right ...I was up and running in 2weeks. Good luck.. hope you get better soon

BlueBelle Wed 19-Jun-19 02:44:09

Yes had Broken ribs nothing can be done but painkillers and time to heal It was a long time ago but I remember the horrible feeling of not being able to take a deep breathe and not being able to get comfortable in bed, but they heal it takes a few weeks but I ve never had any problems from it

Agnieszka Wed 19-Jun-19 02:50:52

Hi CrazyH and Bluebell
Thank you for your responses.
Glad that you both recovered well from your experiences.
I cannot believe how painful this injury is!!!!
I will never again take easy 'breathing' for granted.
God bless.
Agnieszka x

Nanabilly Wed 19-Jun-19 03:37:23

My husband fell off our narrowboat a few years ago and damaged a rib or 2 , they were overlapping for a couple of days but he did not realise until they clicked loudly back into place one day. He fully recovered after a couple weeks.
Hope you recover quickly too.

mumofmadboys Wed 19-Jun-19 07:53:59

A fractured rib takes six weeks to heal. If it is just bruised it will be pain free more quickly. Treatment the same for both - pain killers and rest. So no need for x ray .

Bordersgirl57 Wed 19-Jun-19 08:54:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Luckygirl Wed 19-Jun-19 08:55:37

I have had broken ribs from coughing! They mended themselves - but boy did coughing hurt!!!

Charleygirl5 Wed 19-Jun-19 08:57:42

I agree with mumofmadboys it takes 6 weeks to heal. I remember when I broke 3 ribs I could not even carry my handbag. I am not a lover of painkillers, in my case, I allowed time to do the healing. Every movement is painful but time will heal.

crazyH Wed 19-Jun-19 09:24:46

What am I wasn't 'floorboards' was the joists that you lay the floorboards on 😂

Nannylovesshopping Wed 19-Jun-19 10:01:30

I fell over about a month ago now and cracked a rib or two, before I’d had any gin, pain was awful, couldn’t bare to wear a bra even, healing slowly thank goodness, I dived straight into the painkillers, voltarol, heat wraps, frozen peas, the lot, you have all my sympathies and hope you soon start to feel the pain easing💐

tanith Wed 19-Jun-19 10:07:01

When I had cracked ribs after a car crash I developed a chest infection through shallow breathing, the physio told me to hold a pillow tight to my chest if I coughed or took some deep breaths it certainly made it easier and less ‘ouchy’.

Agnieszka Thu 20-Jun-19 03:04:42

Hello to you all.
Thank you for responding to me.
Bordersgirl….your story about vomiting with a rib injury, has brought tears to my eyes!!!!!!
I can only imagine what distress that must have meant for you.
NLS.....I too cannot wear a bra at the moment, and am dreading my sons coming to visit tomorrow.
I am going to feel very embarrassed, as I no longer have small perky breasts that look good with no support!!!!!
Because of quite severe Arthritis, I am unable to do much walking....but I do enjoy gentle swimming at my local pool.
I am missing the exercise already, as I usually visit every evening.
If my pain subsides in the next few days, do you think it would be beneficial to return to my only sport?
Look forward to hearing from my new Digital Friends.
God bless.
Agnieszka x

Agnieszka Thu 20-Jun-19 03:25:53

Hello again.
OOps… language error alert!!!!!
Of course I meant in the next few WEEKS...….I know I will not be in any condition, to return to swimming in the next few days.
Sorry...but I did warn you that my English can let me down from time to time.

Agnieszka x

Lisagran Tue 09-Jul-19 15:10:51

Agnieszka - wondering how you are now - because I’ve just joined you, as it were sad. Managed somehow to fall very badly down some hard stone steps on Sunday - huge bruises on arm and elbow and ribs so painful. Almost impossible to sleep at night - I’m exhausted! I too like swimming, but not going this week. I wondered if you were swimming yet? Hope you’re recovering flowers

phoenix Tue 09-Jul-19 17:50:57

Another one here who cracked a rib through coughing! Many years ago.

Halfway through lambing time too, climbing over pen hurdles and shifting bales of hay, oh, what fun! (*NOT*)

Husband at the time wasn't able to help, as his back was a bit "twingey" angry

Agnieszka Wed 10-Jul-19 00:45:49

Hello Lisagran and Phoenix
Thank you for your replies.
As it happens, I felt able to return to the Pool this evening, for the first time since my accident.
Of course I was forced to take it very easy, but managed around twenty lengths which delighted me!!!!!

It will be one month duration on Saturday, and of course the intense pain has begun to subside...but still very much aware, that all is not as it once was in that area.

Hopefully, another couple of weeks and I should feel fully healed.

Lisa, I know exactly how you are feeling at the moment but take heart....every day will bring a little bit of improvement for you.
I send you sympathy and empathy.

Phoenix, that must have been so difficult to cope with....full respect to you for your hardiness......I am not made of such good stock!!!!!

Thank you both for your posts.
God Bless

Agnieszka. xxx

Lisagran Wed 10-Jul-19 06:52:06

Thanks Agnieszka - glad you are recovering - 20 lengths sounds good! I’m still finding it really difficult to sleep. Hey ho!

BlueBelle Wed 10-Jul-19 06:59:32

Glad you can see the light at the end of the tunnel our bodies are wonderful at mended themselves given time aren’t they ? each week will get further away from the pain now
Well done I went in the sea this week for a swim but I don’t do that sort of distances more a dip for me 😂

Agnieszka Thu 11-Jul-19 01:10:36

Hello Bluebelle
Yes, you are quite correct.....our bodies are remarkable, but are still capable of throwing out severe discomfort, when we upset the equilibrium with accident or illness.
I also used to enjoy a swim in the great outdoors.
When we lived in Poland, our home was lakeside and I loved to spend time swimming from one side to the other.
Very very happy memories.
These days, I confine myself to the Pool....but the feeling of weightlessness is still the same, and the pleasure of moving without too much Arthritic discomfort is heavenly, and much appreciated.
I hope you recover well from your injuries, Lisa.....I will keep you in my thoughts.
God bless you both
Agnieszka x