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hapgran Sat 17-Aug-19 16:27:57

A blood test I had apparently shows that my thyroid gland is 'struggling' to produce enough hormones. Re test in 2 or 3 months. Does anyone else have experience of this?

craftyone Sat 17-Aug-19 16:31:37

Eat very little from brassica family and same with spinach 2-3 times a week at most

annodomini Sat 17-Aug-19 16:37:42

I have been on thyroxine for upwards of twenty years and now seem to be stable on 100mcg. I didn't know that about brassica, but I would be very glad of an excuse not to eat spinach which I loathe! When I was staying with my sister, she said it was 'good for me' - and it gave me awful wind!

EllanVannin Sat 17-Aug-19 17:00:21

I had thyroid nodules in the 70's but blood tests over the years never showed anything untoward. As I've got older I've developed a goitre which is only visible from certain angles but I know it's there because it's right across my windpipe though I must say it doesn't bother me because I can swallow/eat alright but still after all these years nothing shows up when the blood test ( annual ) is done.THF test inc.

I did have a neck scan, fine needle biopsy and also a camera to the affected part and fortunately it's not diseased, but a surgeon wanted to do a partial thyroidectomy and I refused.
Another doctor had said " if it ain't broke don't fix it ", to leave well alone for so long as it isn't diseased or causing problems leave it be.

Boosgran Sat 17-Aug-19 17:06:11

Hi hapgran when you say ‘struggling ‘ what do you mean? What do your blood results say?

hapgran Sat 17-Aug-19 17:09:44

It was a text message result which said exactly that!

Happiyogi Sat 17-Aug-19 17:36:08

hapgran, was the test arranged by your GP or did you use a private clinic or service? The content of your text message seems unusual from an NHS surgery - or maybe it's a feature of the cutbacks.

Nonnie Sat 17-Aug-19 17:46:36

If you are hypothyroid you will be on meds for the rest of your life but my surgeon told me that if I had to be on something Levothyroxin was the best as it has no side effects.

I looked up the broccoli thing recently and read different things. Some said it was OK if you didn't eat too much. Intend to ask the doc at my next appointment.

annodomini Sat 17-Aug-19 17:58:24

Yes, when I said 'thyroxin', I meant 'Levothyroxin'.

Lona Sat 17-Aug-19 19:01:33

My doctor told me not to bother with tablets as it can often change.

hapgran Sat 17-Aug-19 19:40:03

It was from gp surgery! Efficient I suppose!

Fiachna56 Sun 25-Aug-19 12:49:16

Thyroid UK has alot of information on there website. I found them very useful. I have lived with Autoimmune Thyroid Disease (Hashimotos) for years. An unpleasant and debilitating condition.

Fiachna56 Sun 25-Aug-19 12:50:42

Sorry, their website.

wildswan16 Sun 25-Aug-19 12:58:52

Thyroid results can be affected by other things - if you have been slightly unwell lately etc. That is why it is always worth doing another test in a couple of months.

Presumably your TSH levels were a bit higher than normal, but not enough to definitely say there is a problem yet.

Just wait and see what the next test results are like. Easily rectified by a once daily tablet if it still comes up abnormal.

Nonnie Mon 26-Aug-19 11:10:19

Does anyone know if the brasica thing applies if you don't have a thyroid gland?

Ginnytonic5 Tue 27-Aug-19 08:29:40

Hapgran...I have the same’s called A Sub clinical thyroid. I originally went to see the doctor as I was losing a lot of hair and feeling tired . As I was showing some symptoms my doctor started me on 25mg of levo and this year upped it to 50mg . I have since read that not all doctors will give you the medication until the Thyroid has actually packed in all together .

Sparklefizz Tue 27-Aug-19 10:35:15

Soya affects the body's uptake of Thyroxine, whether that is replacement Thyroxine or the body's own. It is worse than Brassicas, but neither is helpful.

Nonnie Wed 28-Aug-19 12:38:29

Ginny I know several people with under active thyroids who are on medication so I don't think that is normally the case.

Nonnie Wed 28-Aug-19 12:39:26

Sparkle if it affects the uptake would that be shown in the blood tests? Would the medication compensate?

Willow500 Wed 28-Aug-19 16:35:25

I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid about 25 years ago the same day the cat was diagnosed as over active grin Been on several different dosages of Thyroxine over the years but about 3 years ago after developing atrial fibrillation it was discovered I was on too high an amount (125mg) so it was reduced to 100mg. The last check showed the levels were ok. My son and husband are also hypothyroid now and on meds too as was my mother. I think it's quite a common problem so nothing to worry about although it may take a while to get your levels right to begin with.

Sparklefizz Wed 28-Aug-19 18:23:35

Nonnie It's my understanding that it affects the uptake, and means you need more replacement Thyroxine (Levothyroxine) than you might. I've had an under active thyroid for 20 years and it is quite difficult to get onto the correct replacement dosage. I was prescribed far too much by my previous GP (200 mcg) and had a "thyroid storm" because my thyroid went completely haywire and became over active and gave me atrial fibrillation, just as Willow mentions above. I was told I was on the verge of a stroke.

I am now on 75 mcg but it took 18 months for my body to adjust and I felt absolutely terrible, plus had to take beta blockers to get my heart under control.

Nonnie Thu 29-Aug-19 10:00:51

I think Sparkle that means I can continue to enjoy my greens because the meds will compensate. It is very interesting to read what doses you are all on, seems most are on more than me and I don't even have a thyroid! I probably eat more greens than most too!

Fernbergien Sat 31-Aug-19 11:12:50

Have recently had atrial fibrillation and now told thyroxine dosage too high. Also vit D very low. I have felt terrible for about 4 months. Hope nothing else going on.

gilbo21 Mon 02-Sep-19 19:00:32

My TSH has been abnormally low for the past 5 years which means I have all the symptoms of an overactive thyroid but drs won’t give me anything as everything else is ok?