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Varicose veins. Very bulging.

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Userhere123 Thu 12-Sep-19 20:43:23

Hi all,
I have few bulgy varicose veins in my right leg. Near the calf area and behind the knees. It's been there for a couple of years now and it's gradually increasing. I asked my PCP once and she told me to wear compression stockings for that. I am wearing the thigh high stockings now. But I do feel some pain and heaviness in the leg at the end of the day. I do elevate my legs as much as possible.
I would like to know if anyone knows any remedies for this?
I am also planning to treat them. Before that, I would like to try some remedies if that works. I am not sure about the treatment though. Have to do research on that.
Thank you.

JoannaMilten Fri 04-Oct-19 14:58:59

she orders it for me here

JoannaMilten Fri 04-Oct-19 14:57:00

My doctor noticed a deep vein inflammation that was hard to cure. My daughter, who was very worried about my health, offered Varyforte cream.

Userhere123 Thu 03-Oct-19 22:21:36

Any inputs anyone?

Userhere123 Mon 23-Sep-19 01:37:24

Thank you all so much for the replies.
@LondonGranny, that's so scary. I should be very careful. But I always get hurt on that leg somewhere.
Thanks for sharing your experience. I don't know anything about this stripping treatment. Do you get the varicose veins or nay clots as side effects of that treatment. Actually, in the treatment which I was talking about, there are side effects that it may come back or don't close either. Also, chances of DVT.
Yours also stripped? That too 30 years back?? That's awesome. So, Do you get the varicose veins or nay clots as side effects of that treatment. Actually, in the treatment which I was talking about, there are side effects that it may come back or don't close either. Also, chances of DVT.

And I am 33 now. If the age is the matter of fact for this treatment. I don't know if it's too early to treat or I should before it gets worse.
And I am in the USA. Is anyone from here? Anyone undergone treat in the US?

mokryna Sun 22-Sep-19 18:04:46

sorry, just counted on my fingers 30 years ago, time flies

mokryna Sun 22-Sep-19 18:03:23

Yes LondonGranny, the vascular doctor told me on my last visit to always wear tights/stockings and trousers to protect my legs in case they got knocked as it would make what I have now more problematic..
Userhere123 I had my varicose veins striped out in both legs twenty years ago. It saved my from a lot of pain. I believe what I have now is nothing to do with the varicose veins but calcification which I think is a different kettle of fish. Could me wrong though, will ask when I see him.

Farmor15 Sat 21-Sep-19 13:36:46

Not sure I'm going to be able to give you help with last question, but I'll share my experience. I started to have small bulgy varicose vein in right calf when only in my 20s (hereditary - both parents had). After 3 children, in mid 30s, I had op. Old way, complete stripping. Incision in groin, then multiple small cuts in calf down to ankles, where they tie off ends and pull the whole vein out! Subsequently the procedure changed to laser "cut off". I was very happy with result, no bulging veins and no pain.

Before op, I had aching pain like you describe, and my job involved a lot of standing. However, having thought my family was complete when I went for op, I ended up with 2 more children wink. Pregnancy can cause or make veins worse and I developed more bulgy ones in right calf. However, they don't bother me at all, apart from appearance. I did have injection, but it didn't do much.

Maybe someone else will advise on the newer treatments you've been recommended, but I'd definitely treat the veins, as they'll only get worse.

LondonGranny Sat 21-Sep-19 13:03:13

Apparently the main danger with varicose veins (according to the last First Aid course I did at work) is that if they get knocked they can bleed very badly, often with the patient totally unaware it's happening. We got a gory story about someone who was accidentally bashed with a supermarket trolley and lost enough blood around the aisles to need urgent care in A&E.

Userhere123 Sat 21-Sep-19 12:54:52

I just had a consultation with a vein specialist to discuss about my Varicose veins treatment for right leg. I have been having them for a couple of years. But it's started giving me some pain, burning sensation and cramp like feel from the last week. So, I went to a vein clinic.
They did an ultrasound and gave me the treatment plans.
The large superficial veins are going to be done through Endovenous thermal ablation(ETA) and medium ones using injections.
I don't know anything about ETA and I don't know anyone in my friends or family who did this treatment before.
I read something called laser Ablation. But there nurse told me that they do only Radio frequency Ablation (ETA) in their clinic. I really don't know the difference and side effects from both the treatments.
I am very nervous and scared about this procedure. What are the other treatment options available?
Another thing is, I have Bulgy varicose veins in my right leg. They also saying that I have large superficial veins reflux in my left leg too and they want me to do ETA for left leg too. That was mentioned in the treatment plan.i.e ETA for both the legs. So, I am not sure if they are right. I don't have any issues in my left leg now. Only the right leg have some pain, cramping feel because of the Bulgy varicose veins.
Is that normal that without any visual symptoms, they see the veins reflux in the scan and do the ablation? Because I don't have any issues in my left leg.

Anyone who did Endovenous thermal ablation before, can you please share about your experience.
Any input is really appreciated.
Thank you.

midgey Sun 15-Sep-19 13:51:56

I would imagine that the stockings are making things worse, as they will inevitably pinch in order to stay up. Try compression tights much more comfortable. There are various strengths available, light, medium and hardcore! (Just can’t think of the official name. Beware though you might need to wear something on top, last week I walked the dog and found I was losing my medium support ones rapidly😟 only just made it home😂

Userhere123 Sun 15-Sep-19 13:43:50

Thank you so much for the reply.
So, it came back even after you removed? What treatment did you take ?

mokryna Sat 14-Sep-19 22:03:45

I had my varicose veins removed when I was 40 and had injections for the branches that popped up. I haven't had an ache since. All done free through the French system. I also have given 4/6 pairs of stocking or tights with a choice of good colours per year (even through hot weather, if I don't my feet and legs swell). However, unfortunately, nothing to do with the op, I now have some discolouring of the skin near the ankle with a little pain, which through an ultrasound examination shows calcification of the veins. I now wear level 3 tights instead of 2. Bit worried but specialist wants to see how it is evolving in a few months time. -Note to self must make appointment as waiting time is a month or so.

Userhere123 Sat 14-Sep-19 00:19:49

Thank you so much for the reply.
Which treatment is the best one? Like injected or removed? Any inputs?
I am not sure about the treatment options. It's really started aching badly a week ago. I don't have any pain for the last 2 years with these Varicose.
Now I have the burning sensation in my lower legs and ankle. Also, my leg feel so crampy and heavy. Only on that particular leg and that too on the lower part of the leg and ankle.
I don't know how soon should I treat this.

Maggiemaybe Fri 13-Sep-19 23:53:44

I feel quite cross about the cosmetic procedure spiel. I've been to the GP to ask about some ugly spots on my face and they fell over themselves to tell me that the NHS simply hasn't the money for cosmetic procedures these days, so I'll have to put up with them (undiagnosed as they are). DH calls in with a small sebaceous cyst on his chin a month later and it's removed and checked. They seem to assume that the only thing that matters to women is their looks.

GreenGran78 Fri 13-Sep-19 23:20:55

My daughter had hers operated on about 10 years ago. She was only 42. I haven't heard of anyone having the op in recent years, though. I am extremely lucky because, at the age of 80, I have no sign of getting them (fingers crossed!) Maybe it's because my blood has a shorter distance to travel than most people, as I have very short legs! smile

Muttimama Fri 13-Sep-19 20:33:43

My OH has had very obvious and very ugly vvs since he was a young man. They’ve never bothered him except for him NEVER wearing shorts in public. Now he’s 67 I’m wondering if he should do something now- rather than later if they might cause problems when he’s older? He has a great distrust of the medical profession, plus he’s squeamish, so he’d take some convincing if the advice is to do something!

flaxwoven Fri 13-Sep-19 14:21:35

Varicose vein surgery is not routinely offered on the NHS in our area now even if a person has a job which involves standing for hours e.g. nurses, bakers, chefs etc. Surgery is only offered if the varicose veins have caused another problem alongside e.g. eczema, ulcers etc. (many other procedures have also been deleted from the NHS). This is forcing people to go private or put up with it.

Dustyhen2010 Fri 13-Sep-19 14:17:10

My husband had the op a few years back as he felt some pain when walking. He says he didn't realise how much they had affected him until after the op, which was a great success. His mother was offered the op many years ago and refused and now has terrible vascular issues with her legs, swelling and poor mobility.

aquafish Fri 13-Sep-19 14:10:31

Dee1012- I also have the start of excema near my ankle & was told that is the reason for the need to have surgery now before it worsens. Oh the joys of ageing& Im a mere 65 year old!

aquafish Fri 13-Sep-19 14:05:01

I’ one of the ‘lucky’ ones booked in for vein removal surgery under local anaesthetic with NHS- not sure how lucky that makes me, dreading it a bit but really prominent gnarled veins on my calf tolerated for years but time they went apparently! Fingers crossed for a good outcome!

Dee1012 Fri 13-Sep-19 14:00:25

I'm in the North East and currently waiting for surgery on my leg, my veins are quite bad and I've also developed Varicose eczema which isn't responding to any treatment.

blondenana Fri 13-Sep-19 13:09:27

Some areas still do operate on varicose veins on the NHS but ours don't my son in law had t pay around £3000 for his a couple of months ago,but he was talking to someone from another part of the country who had his done recently on the NHS

SunnySusie Fri 13-Sep-19 12:40:28

Hi Userhere, one of my legs looks pretty similar to yours. The GP told me the NHS no longer treat varicose veins in this area unless there are ulcers. I went to a free talk at the private hospital (Nuffield group) and there were three or four different options for removal. I then followed through with a leg scan and assessment (cost about £350). I had ages with the consultant who talked me through all of the scan as he was doing it. Apparently although there is bulging all over my leg it comes from just one point nearly in the groin area where the valve doesnt function any more. VVs were assessed as medium severity and not likely to lead to ulcers unless I get some other condition restricting my movement. If I wanted them removed it would take a couple of hours with EVLA where the vein is destroyed with a laser. Then wearing a compression stocking for a week or so. Possibly I might need follow up with foam, but not always. £4,000 if I needed follow up as well. I decided not to go ahead.

nannypiano Fri 13-Sep-19 12:39:44

Wow you brought back memories for me Userhere. I had an awful vein injected some years ago. I saw a woman doctor at the surgery, whom I had never liked. She scared me a bit as she had no bedside manner at all. My appointment day at the hospital arrived and although I wasn't looking forward to the procedure I so wanted to get rid of the pain. Anyway when I was shown through to the room to have the injection, who should step into the room but
this awful GP from my surgery.
It suddenly seemed much worse with her doing it. First I had to get over the shock of it being her. But I'm pleased to say it did work and I've never had any more trouble with veins.
It might be cheaper to have your veins injected rather than having them removed. It worked well for me.

crystaltipps Fri 13-Sep-19 07:53:17

My sister had hers removed privately it cost £3.5k. So it can be done, just not on the NHS. Worth it if you are self conscious about it.