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Cardiac Angiogram

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heart1 Wed 16-Oct-19 13:16:56

My husband 78 is going for an angiogram tomorrow in HAREFIELD hospital. He is at times having dry cough ...
Wondering -- is it risky if a patient starts coughing during the procedure??

Persistentdonor Wed 16-Oct-19 13:34:40

I had angioplasty recently.

I don't suppose it would be very helpful to be coughing a lot, and if the cough is that bad I doubt the procedure would be undertaken.

BUT, they do strap you down, and they do give lots of sedative, (e.g. diazapam) which I imagine would inhibit coughing.

Best to mention it on arrival.

Marydoll Wed 16-Oct-19 13:58:13

I had one last week and had a cough due to an asthma flare up.
My GP gave me steroids to try and settle the cough, as he said they wouldn't do it with a cough!
I certainly wasn't strapped down and I had no sedation, as it was too risky for me. Mine lasted 90 mins and I spent the whole time, trying not to cough.
I had to phone the day unit first for advice, because of the cough, so may be advisable to check with them first.
Good luck for your husband's procedure.