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Brunette10 Tue 12-Nov-19 08:43:14

Hi all, can you help please? MY DH has recently started to snore not every night but 3/4 times a week. Can't fathom out why. Is there any advice you may be able to offer, it's driving me mad. I've mentally taken a note of what we've eaten and drank during the day but still not come up with an answer. Here's hoping wink

Greenfinch Tue 12-Nov-19 09:42:48

Has he put on weight recently ?

HappyBumbleBee Tue 12-Nov-19 10:20:22

There could be any number of reasons, slight cold, more active so sleeping deeper, put on weight or just sleeping deeper now the cooker weather is here.
My hubby has recently started this too and he has never (or extremely rarely) snored - it's usually me.
If you can't fathom a reason then probably best to have a chat with gp to rule out sleep apnoea or something respiratory x

HappyBumbleBee Tue 12-Nov-19 10:21:00

Just a thought, has he ever suffered with asthma or allergies like hayfever? X

M0nica Tue 12-Nov-19 10:45:17

He may have sleep apnea, especially if he is overweight. Listen when he is snoring and see if he stops breathing between snores because that is a key symptom of sleep aonea. If he does that is sleep apnea, another symptom is sleeping a lot during the day.

DH was diagnosed with it this summer. He now wears a light apparatus when sleeping which gently blows air into his lungs to stop the non-breathing episodes and the effect on him has been incredible, he is now alert and active during the day, instead of sitting all day in the living room nodding and sleeping, like a caracature of an old man.

It is quite exhaustingkeeping up with him now.!!

Septimia Tue 12-Nov-19 12:23:51

My DH's snoring reduced (unfortunately didn't go away completely) when he started medication for high blood pressure.

He snores less in bed now, although it depends on the position he is lying in - a quick nudge usually deals with that. However, if he falls asleep in the chair, his head tips back and he snores like his dad used to, which I find very unattractive!

Brunette10 Tue 12-Nov-19 14:01:18

Thanks to all, DH has lost weight recently but under doctor's control so I don't think it's that. I'll look into sleep apnoea and see if he has any symptoms. Fortunately it's not every night, thank goodness. Thanks for all your advice/ideas. Shall give it a bit more time.