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Corneal ulcers

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Katyj Wed 04-Dec-19 07:42:50

Does anyone else have this? I've been plagued by this since i was 11.It's the cold sore virus, on the cornea, which then causes scaring.I'm absolutely fed up of it, I always have to visit the eye a and e dept when it starts to be treated, then it involves drops and ointment every two hours, and is very painful..I've never met anyone that has it. It's started because of stress this time, which is usually the case.Hoping I can get on top of it before Christmas.

BlueBelle Wed 04-Dec-19 07:54:10

Cold sore virus is Herpes so as a child you must have had some contact rubbed an eye or something and yes it can occur all through life and stress or immune system down will give you an outbreak as far as I know there is nothing to do but treat it when it happens some people only have the one outbreak others have it on and off all through life
Good luck hopefully all be gone before Christmas 💐

Newquay Wed 04-Dec-19 08:44:03

Poor you! I had these a lot as a youngster-remember how painful they were. I only(!) get cold sores round mouth/nose now. As OPs said usually when tired/stressed. Immediate treatment is the answer. I keep acyclovir ointment with for first “tingling” which can now be bought over the counter thank goodness. Is there anything you can obtain like that to keep to hand?

travelsafar Wed 04-Dec-19 09:02:24

One of my friends has this too, it started after she had shingles across the eye and forehead. She has to use ointment or drops, can't remember which every day now and have regular checks. She says it is very painful.

Katyj Wed 04-Dec-19 12:10:29

Yes Blue Belle, I must have caught the virus originally from someone, I've never had chickenpox, so wondered if I got this instead, at least I shouldn't be able to contract shingles, that sounds really awful for that poor lady. Newquay isn't it funny that you had them when younger, but now only get them on your face, and I'm the other way round, don't get them anywhere else but in my eye.I've started the treatment early, so should be able to minimise the scaring. Fingers crossed.