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Hearing aids

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Stansgran Sat 28-Dec-19 18:44:08

If you are deaf and have a hearing aid and then go out to a Christmas dinner do you expect people to shout to include you in dinner table conversation because you don't like the look of a hearing aid? And are you put out that people won't shout unless they are directly addressing you?

Septimia Sat 28-Dec-19 20:25:13

I know a lot of people who wear hearing aids and I'd rather they did than that I had to shout at them.

It looks a lot sillier to be unable to hear than to wear hearing aids.

aggie Sat 28-Dec-19 20:41:51

My aids are fairly new and I am slowly getting used to them , one thing I struggle with is making out what some one is saying directly to me , but not looking at me , when in a crowd , so I sometimes just turn it off when in a crowd

Calendargirl Sat 28-Dec-19 20:42:43

I gave my DH some hankies for Christmas, in a small box. Before he unwrapped it he said “Is it something I want or something I need?” “Something you need” I said.
In all seriousness he said “Is it a hearing aid?”
Had to laugh, a vision of Boots asking if I wanted this off-the-shelf hearing aid gift wrapped!
And yes, he does need one, new year’s resolution to get his hearing checked.

MamaCaz Sat 28-Dec-19 20:54:52

Even when he does wear his hearing aids, OH can't follow a group conversation if several people are talking at once or if there is a lot of noise in the room. People still need to speak very loudly for him to have any chance of following what is being said.
He often leaves such gatherings feeling very down.

InnocentBystander Mon 06-Jan-20 21:22:48

There are settings available that switch off the omnidirectional microphones, and leave only the forward-facing ones active for just such situations. If you have a digital aid(s) this is almost certainly an option that can be activated by the audiologist. Just how much improvement is offered I can't say personally as I have not opted for it on mine, but my (NHS) audiologist described the options to me. Ask and you may be surprised.

Newquay Mon 06-Jan-20 23:26:48

I have stuck with my aid and it helps no end.
I refuse to shout at folk who just won’t get/use a hearing aid!

MamaCaz Tue 07-Jan-20 09:02:19

DH's aids do have different settings for different surroundings, but he says that he doesn't hear any better on those settings!