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SallyB392 Tue 31-Dec-19 17:11:13

I'm really feeling sorry for myself, I've been feeling nauseous, bilious, and windy since Xmas day. I'm also in even more pain than usual, (I have Ehlers Danlos and RA so pain is normal), to the point of wanting to cry.

My sleep is rubbish, for example I went to bed at nearly 1am but up at 4am with reflux. My motivation is really bad, and my mood is low (between 1 - 2 on the bipolar mood chart). I'm taking all my meds as I should, nothing has changed there, my DH is his usual kind self, I suppose my only real upset has been a friend who had her dog euthanized because of cost having first ignored her dogs pain suffering from a hip displacement for several days. She should have taken her to the vet days before. Now my friend is playing the tragic woman who has lost her beloved dog. Poor dog was overweight, and had just two short walks, and I mean around the block. For an American Bulldog, way too listen. I m angry. Th a t poor dog.

Namsnanny Tue 31-Dec-19 17:19:38

So sorry you're going through this Sally, how draining it is when you can't sleep!

Try to ignore your friend for the next couple of days for your own sake.
I'm sure she can find someone else's shoulder to cry on!!
Good luck!

Urmstongran Tue 31-Dec-19 17:30:13

I've been feeling nauseous, bilious, and windy since Xmas day

I feel the same. I missed all Christmas festivities, started to feel a bit better on Sunday. Yesterday felt great but today I’m back to how I was Christmas Day. Nauseous, gastritis. I’ve missed the gathering of my family that was planned for today.

A stomach bug?

Saw the doctor on Friday and he has given me omeprazole and I go for some baseline blood tests next Tuesday. I feel rough too (although admittedly not the same as you OP).

Commiserations from me. I hope we feel better soon. x

BlueSky Tue 31-Dec-19 19:12:06

I've had similar a couple of weeks ago and been worried it would be back but so far I've been fine. I guess stomach bug but we haven't been eating out, I'm fussy when it comes to kitchen and bathroom hygiene so can you still pick up a bug? Are they airborne?

Tigertooth Wed 01-Jan-20 02:10:07

I take a daily Alflorex - they keep my stomach calm and happy and I get your symptoms if I run out. Ive recommended them to 2 friends who now also wouldn't be without them!
Please check them out on the boots website, they are an all natural good biotic. I can't claim to understand the science but they work out about 90p a day and really are worth a try.

ExperiencedNotOld Wed 01-Jan-20 02:24:20

Do consider whether it’s connected to the food you’ve consumed. I am an increasingly ‘clean’ eater and have found that a few crocs and a piece of Christmas cake on the day made me feel similarly eeeugh.

ExperiencedNotOld Wed 01-Jan-20 02:25:47

CHOCS! Tsk spell checker!

Sussexborn Wed 01-Jan-20 02:49:19

I found acidophilus helped settle my stomach problems but rather dropped them off towards the end of the year, probably when I needed them most over Christmas. Lesson learned.

Nortsat46 Wed 01-Jan-20 07:45:39

Experienced ... I know what you mean about a few crocs playing havoc with your digestion...🐊🐊

(Just joking of course ... hope all is well now).

Sally I have nothing helpful to add other than wishing you and other posters on here, a good day and hope you feel better soon. 💐

BlueSky Wed 01-Jan-20 10:50:58

Tigertooth do you take the Alflorex regularly or just for a while when you have been unwell? Can they be taken if you are on medication? Do they act like a laxative at all? Thanks

endlessstrife Thu 02-Jan-20 09:47:51

Drink lots of water to try and flush through. As for sleep, make sure you’re not on any iPads after around 7pm. No caffeine from lunchtime. My daughter swears by white noise for her baby, says it works well with her too! Do any of your medications state sleep can be affected. It’s most likely post Christmas anti climax. Hope you feel better soon.

lemongrove Thu 02-Jan-20 10:05:52

Rich food and alcohol perhaps?
Try and get back to normal eating soon, and drink lots of water.Also get plenty of fresh air when the weather allows.

Tigertooth Fri 03-Jan-20 00:30:56

I take one every day to keep things normal and they have worked wonders. They are natural so won't affect most meds I shouldn't think but check with pharmacist. No laxative or hardening effect, they just keep tummy feeling healthy and stools as they should be.

BlueSky Fri 03-Jan-20 09:32:37

Thanks Tigertooth worth a try!

newnanny Sat 04-Jan-20 01:49:53

I have had flu like virus since 20th Dec and feel trulyvterrible. I cough so mu h my throat is raw and stonach in great pain. I can't lie down in bed as makes cough worse. My asthma is so bad I can't talk as no voice left and canmonly eat soup and soft fi ger role. It is getting no better but don't think GP can do anything as virus. I have been taking hot blackcurrant cold/flu powders and on third bottle of cough medicine and second bix of Strepsils. On Boxing Day my dh wentcdown with it and ds is feeling unwell with sore throat and cough.. Just need good sleep and to stop coughing so i know how you feel.