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Plantar Fasciitis

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wot Fri 03-Jan-20 17:38:46

Has anyone else got plantar fasciitis.? I have to walk my dog and it is agony.

Missfoodlove Fri 03-Jan-20 17:40:44

I cured mine with 1 session of acupuncture.

wot Fri 03-Jan-20 17:44:27

Oh, thank you! I might have to try that.

Katyj Fri 03-Jan-20 17:59:49

I had it about 5 years ago, it was like walking on glass! I had a cortisone injection, it didn't work for quite a while, but all of a sudden vanished, never to be seen again.Fingers crossed.

annsixty Fri 03-Jan-20 18:15:54

My H found it was helped by Schoĺls inserts specially shaped for the condition.
I have heard of people using a can, beans for example, and rolling their foot over it for a few minutes.
You can buy an appliance for this, a can is cheaper.

gillybob Fri 03-Jan-20 18:19:43

Oh I suffered for a long time with this wot it’s pure agony and felt like trying to walk on glass . I recommend the memory sole Sketchers they are divine to walk in. Mine lasted about a year altogether but thankfully okay at the moment.

LadyGracie Fri 03-Jan-20 19:37:51

Gel inserts in your shoes under your heels works a treat.

I still wear crocs and FITflops not flip-flops (slippers, boots and sandals) both makes recommended by a specialist.

merlotgran Fri 03-Jan-20 19:44:29

Try these socks

They worked for me, as well as inserts and YES to acupuncture.

HildaW Fri 03-Jan-20 19:49:58

DH had this - sorted by putting good quality gel type insoles in all his outdoor shoes. (Do not be a cheapskate here and have only one pair and swap them around as they do not get a chance to 'recover' and its also just plain annoying). Alternating footwear when walking dog....i.e. not wearing the same pair day after day. Trying not to wear wellies too much as they really do not fit that well (he invested in some expensive ones that offered better support - cheap ones really exacerbate the situation. Not wearing flat slippers anymore - he wears decent sandals as indoor shoes as once again they support the foot much better. Similarly I wear sketchers indoors as they have a memory foam type sole and its much better for feet.
Also I was shown an exercise that can help.....with bare or socked feet gently roll a tennis ball around the carpet using your instep. Just a couple of minutes a day help.
It can persist for quite a few months but if you stick to being careful about footwear and choose decent fitting shoes it does sort itself out.

Iam64 Fri 03-Jan-20 19:57:07

You need orthotic insoles, plus get two cheap washing up bowls fill one with the hottest water your tap gives the other with cold tap water. Alternate your feet in hot then cold for 10 minutes a couple of times a day.
Get a plastic water bottle, freeze water in it, use it to roll backwards and forwards on your foot.

My GP said steroid injections may work but are painful. The research evidence is three months after the injection the outcome for people is no different than for those who on't have the injection.
My plant.fasc lasted over a year - horrible!

Nannylovesshopping Fri 03-Jan-20 20:51:30

Hello wot haven’t see you on here for ages, happy new year to you.

SueDonim Fri 03-Jan-20 21:20:57

I’ve had PF too, and it’s crippling. As well as having special inners for your footwear, make sure you never wear flat shoes or slippers. Just a half inch heel helps.

Also, before getting out of bed in the morning stretch your feet. Sit up with your legs straight out in front of you and with your feet pointing skywards. Grab the toes and gently pull them towards you. Do this several times and it loosens the muscles, making it easier to start walking.

SalsaQueen Fri 03-Jan-20 22:35:05

I had that, years ago - the doctor said mine was due to wearing high heels all the time (3 or 4in) and driving in them.

I tried different insoles, some from the Podiatrist. I also did the various exercises I was given. Nothing helped, until I had a steroid injection in the heel (that in itself was agony), which made the pain worse for a couple of days, then it worked wonderfully well.

I haven't been able to wear anything more than a 2in heel since,and I changed jobs so that I did far less driving.

Jomarie Fri 03-Jan-20 23:01:07

So sorry for your Wot - it is sheer agony - I ignored mine for too long eventually got help - physiotherapy and exercise - spent a fortune (to me) on inner soles, shoes, etc. - carried on regardless (also a dog to walk twice a day) I was in pain the whole time - hurt to walk, hurt to sit, just plain bl.....y hurt all the time. Eventually, after about 2 years (not kidding) it eased and I'm free from this but am ever watchful as it can return - so continue with exercises (not so religiously now) but just so I can keep it at bay - worse than childbirth - akin to toothache (abcess) but continuous. Spend spend spend (if you can) on everything recommended by anyone - not a one size fits all situation. Good luck

Fiachna50 Sat 04-Jan-20 00:41:09

One thing folks don't know, this is very common if you have underactive thyroid. The drs don't realise this. Anyway, the advice I got was never go around even at home in bare/stockinged feet. Always wear slippers or something. Timpsons shoe place have very good insoles for around £25. Expensive, but they are meant to be good. I bought insoles in Boots and they were good. The other thing that helped me was a pair of Crocs, you know the shoes like the nurses wear? I don't know if you can still buy them anywhere. It does go eventually but can take around a year. I do sympathise, it's agony.

clementine Sat 04-Jan-20 11:40:00

Currently have it. Attending Physio and getting shockwave therapy. Have had it six months and it's only now, on 5th treatment that I can say I feel an improvement . It's cost me a fortune but worth it to get relief.

No one can truly appreciate how awful a condition it is until you experience it . In impacts on every area of your life. My husband and I were keen walkers and that has had to go by the wayside.

I did order insoles, think the company was Entensor, or something similar. They are an excellent company to deal with as the insoles really didn't make any difference so they gave me full refund. I think currently have good discounts too .
That is interesting about the underachieve thyroid. Worth getting mine checked. Thank you .

clementine Sat 04-Jan-20 11:40:57

wot Sat 04-Jan-20 12:14:30

Thank you all for your advice and support. It seems to be getting worse and it's making me feel quite depressed. Not a drastic problem like my heart attack and aneurysm in the past but stops me getting around in comfort.

SueDonim Sat 04-Jan-20 13:56:43

If you can afford it, visit a podiatrist who deals with sports injuries (not one who just does corns and veruccas.). I had several issues with my feet, not only PF, and they were amazing at identifying and treating the problems. It cost £45 for the consultation and then £25 for inserts to support a dodgy joint. It was money well spent.

grannymy Sat 04-Jan-20 13:58:19

Yes, it's agony isn't it! Especially first thing in the morning when you try to put your foot down. I wore insoles in my shoes and did a few exercises the physio told me to do. I think it just goes away in it's own time.

silverlining48 Sat 04-Jan-20 14:11:31

I have had it a couple of times, wore insoles, couldn’t go barefoot, no heels just flat shoes usually trainers. Yes it’s very painful but it does go of it’s own accord, even if like me it took 18 months!
Keep doing the exercises, I don’t know how much they helped but wanted to do what I could. You have my sympathy.

Cabbie21 Sat 04-Jan-20 14:37:22

My GP gave me all the advice already mentioned and eventually it went away. I still wear good supportive shoes with insoles.
On a visit to the GP for something quite different two years later, she told me she had had PF. She had put into place all the advice she had been giving out and was pleased that it eventually worked, but she was surprised at just how painful the condition is.

Witzend Sat 04-Jan-20 14:42:49

I had it some years ago. Could hardly walk. I self-diagnosed,
courtesy of Google, then found some arch support insoles in Boots, about £25. I wore them all the time. They quickly made walking a lot easier, and within a few weeks it was fixed.
I’ve never had it since, but of course have kept the insoles, in case.

2 BiLs of mine who had it both paid hundreds of £££ for specially made insoles, with no better results.

endlessstrife Sat 04-Jan-20 15:24:05

The only way to treat this, is to wear insoles with the arch ( plantar) support. Nothing else worked for me.

Grannyboots1 Sat 04-Jan-20 21:06:01

I was in agony for over year, tried Naproxen tablets /physio then offered a Steroid injection.This took about three weeks to work. It hasn’t gone away but easier. Slipper with heels and no flat shoes at all. Good luck.