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If anything's going to get me fit!........

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grannymy Sat 04-Jan-20 14:58:59

We met my son and grandson for lunch yesterday at a local shopping centre. My grandson will be a year old next week. Whilst my partner and my son were talking, I took my grandson for a walk around the restaurant to to look at the Christmas tree on display. I was puffing and panting whilst having him in my arms and my arms were aching! He is average size for his age. Just made me realise how unhealthy and out of condition I am. I need to get my act in gear as I want to spend time laughing and having a good time with my grandson. The diet has begun! Is it just me?

CanadianGran Sat 04-Jan-20 15:10:52

We visited my DD and family early in December, her little one is now 15 months. I am not used to carrying him, and had a sore arm as well!

The running around I can handle since I walk everyday and we have lots of hills in our town. But I need to start a weights program. Here's to a new year!

clementine Sat 04-Jan-20 19:15:04

My little grandson is 2, and weighs a ton ! When I lift him I feel everything is moving ( and not in a good way ) I too need to start taking more interest in what I am eating and try and loose some excess pounds .

JackyB Sat 04-Jan-20 19:18:47

I am unfit too, but worse are the little 'accidents' that happen when you bend down and pick them up!

grannymy Sun 05-Jan-20 12:00:51

I used to do a lot of walking and swimming, but that has fallen by the wayside and I can feel it. I'm trying to summon up the enthusiasm to start exercising and eating less again. Monday tomorrow, so fingers crossed I'll make a start!

silverlining48 Sun 05-Jan-20 12:37:15

You can always get a head start by not waiting til tomorrow grannymy. Today is the day.