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Turmeric Tablets

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Yiayia4 Mon 06-Jan-20 09:09:20

I'm thinking of trying turmeric tablets, I have psoratic arthritis and it would be good to have an alternative to my meds.Has anyone tried this and had good results.

MerylStreep Mon 06-Jan-20 09:17:53

My Doctor takes fresh turmeric every day for his arthritis.
He maintains that fresh is the best ( most Asian shops sell it)
Peal it, grate it, make a tea.

dragonfly46 Mon 06-Jan-20 09:19:33

It can counteract with other medications so check first.

BBbevan Mon 06-Jan-20 14:21:20

There is some research suggesting that turmeric can help with AMD. So I take turmeric in hope

Iam64 Mon 06-Jan-20 14:36:11

Check with your gp or reheumatologist if turmeric affects your existing meds- I have af so take blood thinners. I was told to continue using turmeric in cooking but not to take the supplements because they’re also blood thinners

Yiayia4 Mon 06-Jan-20 15:19:20

Thanks everyone,I'm seeing the rheumatologist in a few weeks so will check with him first.