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VIP = Visually Impaired People

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gustheguidedog Fri 17-Jan-20 11:30:45

Hey Guys, I am BLIND and so, therefore, I must use assistive technology in order to use the computer, I'm Grandfather to the most wonderful little boy, Elijah.
As I said I am BLIND but I will NEVER allow my disabilities to overcome my abilities.
I spoke with the admins of this site (a long time ago) and it was suggested that I write a brief note to let you know that `there is life after Blindness` or indeed any disability if anyone would like for themselves, family or friends to know about assistive technology please just ask me.
Hey at the end of the day Blind folk are VIPs, because we all know VIP = Visually Impaired People lol. wink

vampirequeen Fri 17-Jan-20 16:39:48

Hello. Nice to meet you.

Charleygirl5 Fri 17-Jan-20 19:15:56

Welcome- I am partially visually impaired because of dry AMD.

Jessity Fri 17-Jan-20 19:38:33

Welcome. My husband is registered severely sight impaired because of AMD in both eyes. He copes incredibly well using alternatives such as audio books, cricket on radio instead of TV, etc.