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My insomnia

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Coolgran65 Sat 18-Jan-20 23:38:07

I've called this thread My Insomnia because there are likely many insomnia threads.

I have had Restless Legs Syndrome for about 40 years, it is 24/7 and at present is sort of under control with my current medication regime.

Along with RLS comes insomnia, a particular type of insomnia, it is not being kept awake by RLS symptoms. Often they are under control, it is a state of being weary and tired but not sleepy.

So, I sleep on average a fractured 4 to 5 hours each night. Rarely more than 2 hours at any given time. Sleeping tablets don't work, I've tried them all. Even so, my GP has prescribed me one to take on alternate nights while waiting to see a neurologist.

An example of them not working..... I took one last night and yet only got to sleep this morning at 7am. When awake I am alert and can't just lie in bed so I'm up and about, reading and eating. It's a very long night.

I've suggested to my GP that I see a sleep specialist but she feels that it should be a neurologist (prob because of the RLS). it's a 3 year NHS waiting list and I've therefore arranged a private initial consultation which still has a 3 month waiting list.

There was an event that brought my non sleeping to the fore even though I've been asking for help for years.
I always work on Election Day. Up at 4 and at the Voting Centre polling stations for 6 to get it ready for the doors opening at 7am. I'd had 4 hours sleep, no worries, this was usual for me. I'd worked full time like this.
Doors opened and voting for under way. At 7.20am I was aware of reaching Passport ID back to a voter and trying to enter a reference number into a column. I couldn't do it, just couldn't get the digits in order. I turned to my colleague working the desk/station with me and said....I think there's something wrong. I looked at the clock and could remember nothing since arriving at 6am. She agreed, sorted out the Voter and called the Senior Officer. I arrived home within ten minutes ...foolishly driving home. Electoral staff offered to get me home or to ring my dh but I knew he had two dgc with him.

Home in tears, My ddil arrived within minutes, she is a senior nurse and checked me out finding no signs of anything neurological. At 8.30am I rang my medical practice and through my tears was given an appointment for 10am. My GP was wonderful and was with me for an hour. Her reckoning is that it was a culmination of exhaustion and fatigue.... The perfect storm.

The treatment at previously mentioned... Is a sleeping pill (not working) and see a neurologist ( in due course).

The missing 90 minutes worries me. And I'd like to come across the working colleague to find out what I was doing during that time, was I behaving differently.

I'm sorry this is so long but I wanted to provide as much detail as might be helpful.

Had anyway else had the like of this happen?
Any missing time, was it a sleep issue.
Anyone else find a cause.
Could it be simply a memory issue because of exhaustion?

SANDY2020 Sun 19-Jan-20 00:02:21

I'd think so dont time sleep let it happen as it happens some people dont need much sleep its prob the anxiety that's keeping u awake try treating that xxx try hit baths no alcohol and exercise in day xxx

Coolgran65 Sun 19-Jan-20 03:29:48

Thank you SANDY2020
I agree that some people don't need as much sleep but I do need much more than I am getting and it should be better than snatchas of 1.5 - 2 hours.

I'm sorry folks that my OP was so long and think perhaps it has put people off from reading it.
If there was the option I would edit it.

Coolgran65 Sun 19-Jan-20 03:30:35

Oops...... snatches

BlueBelle Sun 19-Jan-20 04:42:23

Hi Coolgran only just seen your thread sorry you are having this problem I seem to survive on much less sleep than most need I bunny hop through the night rarely getting more than 2 hours at a time but usually end up with about 5 maybe 6 on a good night I don’t let it bother me and if I nod off in the day I don’t worry however I think yours is quite different
My daughter in law has restless legs and is a terrible sleeper I can’t imagine what the restless legs feels like
Now about the hours‘ lapse there was a thread about just this recently and it appears much more common than we think I can’t remember the title to look it up I m afraid
My friend lost 24 hours recently during that 24 hours she took herself to the doctors( about another thing already booked appointment) and home again catching the correct buses but has no memory at all of going to the doctor seeing the doctor how she got back.... she draws a complete blank. Her doors were all locked the next morning but her shed door wasnt so she missed that out but everything else seemed to have been done as her routine its now about three months on and she still has no recollection of that day She has had an Alzheimer test and a scan and passed all Apparently the doctor did a memory test with her on that day as he thought she seemed a bit different and she failed he did one the next day and she passed
The scans showed nothing
I think it’s called transient global amnesia
Try not to worry that will make it worse

Coolgran65 Sun 19-Jan-20 05:15:20

BlueBelle. How awful for your friend to lose a whole 24 hours. I will look up transient global amnesia.

GrandmainOz Sun 19-Jan-20 06:19:20

coolgran65my sympathies. I haven't had more than 2 hrs sleep in one night since before Christmas. Have always suffered periods of insomnia but this is something else!
The reasons for my issue are completely different: I was recently diagnosed as having bipolar disorder.
But the wretched feelings and missing time, I identify very strongly with that.
So I'm absolutely no help whatsoever, just wanted to extend warm wishes. Sleep deprivation is awful and so bad for us in myriad ways!

BlueSky Sun 19-Jan-20 10:10:14

I've heard of quite a few people recently who had episodes of Transient Global Amnesia. I had never heard of that before so it does help to share knowledge. Still in your case it could well be sleep deprivation. Hopefully you'll have some more definite answers when you see the neurologist.

BlueBelle Sun 19-Jan-20 10:23:01

coolgran my friend had absolutely no memory of that 24 hours at all it’s just a blank she can remember before it right up to going to the doctors and after it when she woke up the next morning She must have behaved normally as in getting the correct bus home getting off at the correct stop, eating, drinking even washing up locking up and going to bed etc etc but no memory of it. She was very frightened thinking she’d had a stroke or Alzheimer’s was on the move etc but after having the scan which showed up no abnormal activity at all and talking to the doctor and having memory tests she is fine and doesn’t think about it at all Now It was about 6 months ago Having read up with her at the time it does seem to normally be a one off so your 90 mins lapse shouldn’t happen again if it does turn out to be that
Try not to worry stress and worrying about sleep deprivation will only make things worse
I hope this story might calm you a bit

Coolgran65 Sun 19-Jan-20 10:27:59

I looked up TGA and while some of it could apply I didn’t have the confusion it mentioned of not knowing where I was.

I was confused for a few seconds when I became aware that I couldn’t complete the action I was doing and knew immediately there was something wrong. GP put on the referral letter to the neurologist that I had fallen asleep while at work but this doesn’t quite cover it as I had obviously been operational and functioning in the work situation for the 90 missing minutes.

crazyH Sun 19-Jan-20 10:34:54

A couple of years ago I picked up my little grandkids from school and was supposed to drop them off at their other grandma's house. It's something I've done many times. This particular day , I turned into the housing development they live in, and just could not remember where they lived. My little GS had to tell me . Spoke to my GP. He said it was transient amnesia or something.
I also have problems sleeping and use a sleeping tablet. The main thing is not to worry about it. As we get older, we don't need much sleep. And besides, we retirees can always catch up with our sleep during the day, if we so choose.

Coolgran65 Sun 19-Jan-20 10:40:08

GrandmainOz I’m sorry you have absences, it is alarming.

BlueBelle yes it does seem to be a one of.

I am not unduly afraid if it now. Just interested in the experiences of others and trying to learn as much as possible before attending the neurologist appointment. He probably won’t be that concerned about it and I hope just able to help with sleep 😴

Coolgran65 Sun 19-Jan-20 12:17:31

crazyH that would have been scary especially with being responsible for your dgs.

Unfortunately as I have RLS 24/7 it can make having a catchup nap rather difficult, even though it is mostly controlled by meds.