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Gastric Diverticula. Rare, but would like to hear from others with the same diagnosis.

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BluebellGran Sat 01-Feb-20 18:59:40

I suffered with dreadful stomach pains and indigestion that made me feel my stomach was fermenting for over 40 years.
It wasn’t until I had a barium meal swallow ex ray that a large gastric diverticula was discovered. It showed up because the pouch filled up with the barium meal and was confirmed by an endoscopy. I’m told that it cannot be removed and although twice daily omeprazole capsules help a lot, I still occasionally have problems. Has anyone else been treated for the same problem please?

BluebellGran Sun 02-Feb-20 20:27:10

Goodness me! Am I the only one in the country?!

Jane10 Sun 02-Feb-20 21:30:54

I don't have that particular problem Bluebellgran but wanted you to know that at least someone has read your post. Sorry to hear about your having suffered so long. At least now you know what's going on inside you!

dragonfly46 Sun 02-Feb-20 21:33:51

I have diverticulosis but in the lower intestines. Diagnosed by ct scan after my cancer diagnosis.

Barmeyoldbat Sun 02-Feb-20 21:36:43

So sorry Bluebellgran. No I don't have the same problem as you but I do have stomach problems and been tested for just about everything so I am just careful what I eat now. Also take omeprazole, 40 mg a day but I still have breakthrough but not much more can be done because I have a damaged bile duct. I tend to take each day as it comes. Good luck.

BlueBelle Sun 02-Feb-20 22:45:15

I have diverticulitis but higher up in the Oesophagus
The consultant told me that most people over 50 have diverticulosis to some degree
I don’t take anything for it the barium meal showed it up I was told to lose weight (I m not overweight) and take gaviscon if and when needed

BluebellGran Mon 03-Feb-20 18:28:29

Barmeyoldbat, have you had your gall bladder removed? I have but I still get stones in my bile duct occasionally, which caused sepsis a couple of years ago. After some time in hospital on morphine and intravenous antibiotics I recovered. I assumed that with no gallbladder the gallstone problem would end, but of course the bile duct remains.

Barmeyoldbat Tue 04-Feb-20 17:39:31

Bluebellgran yes my gall bladder has been removed and I have had various scans to see if there are any residual stones remaining in the tube. Unfortunately I have a leaking bile duct due to antibodies in my system refusing to believe I should have one and fighting it.!! So nothing can be done.