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Diabetic type 2 and statins

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TrendyNannie6 Wed 05-Feb-20 20:24:55

My friend has recently been diagnosed as type 2 diabetic, and has been given a prescription for statins, she is very concerned about taking these tabs due to hearing horror stories. Anyone ever taken them,I understand they are taken to lower cholesterol but she wants to try by diet only first

lemongrove Wed 05-Feb-20 21:22:57

It’s advisable to take the statin as well as alter lifestyle by excercise and going on a low carb diet.
The new, modern statins are fine, but avoid being put on the old (cheap to proscribe) Simvastatin.

dizzyblonde Wed 05-Feb-20 21:28:03

I take statins due to a family history of early onset of heart disease. I’ve had absolutely no side effects.

Marydoll Wed 05-Feb-20 21:30:14

I take statins with no horror stories at all to tell.
They are not prescribed just to reduce cholesterol, mine is already low and I don't have furred up arteries.
They have been prescribed to lower my heart rate and take the pressure off my heart to reduce severe angina pain.
Statins are given for a number of reasons, your friend should be making an informed decision, not just listening to horror stories.

Sorry, that's not meant to sound harsh.

TrendyNannie6 Wed 05-Feb-20 22:06:00

No it doesn’t sound harsh at all, she’s obviously been prescribed statins for a good reason. Thanks Marydoll

KatyK Thu 06-Feb-20 09:49:31

I stopped taking them as, for the first time in my life, I was getting nosebleeds. I looked at the leaflet and nosebleeds were the main side effect.

Marydoll Thu 06-Feb-20 10:05:45

I believe that you have to weigh up the benefits and side effects of medication.
Some of my medications have caused severe side effects, which have landed me in hospital.
However, if taking statins will prolong my life, I will continue to take them. None of us will have the same experience.
It's matter of being well informed about your conditions and possible side effects.
Is there a diabetic nurse your friend could discuss her fears with, TrendyNannie?

henetha Thu 06-Feb-20 10:08:39

I resisted statins for years as I had heard all the horror stories.
However, I eventually gave in a couple of years ago as my cholesterol was getting dangerously high. I have had no side effects whatsoever and my cholesterol is now low.

Alexa Thu 06-Feb-20 11:21:36

The GP recommended statins years ago and I said "no thank you" due to the horror stories. I also substituted olive oil for butter and have become mostly vegetarian.

The GP did not attempt to explain statins to me. I used common sense and Google.