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Getting back into form after a hysterectomy

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grandtanteJE65 Sat 08-Feb-20 12:51:37

Any advice, ladies, on how to get back into form after a hysterectomy will be very gratefully received.

It has become necessary due to fibroids that haven't decreased in size after my menopause, so my general health is fine.

ExD1938 Sat 08-Feb-20 12:59:31

It really depends on how you feel.
I was lucky, after a couple of weeks I began to feel really well (could have simply been the fact that I was no longer bleeding all the time) and once I could lift the kettle without feeling that horrible 'pull' in the tummy I started to get back to my life. I had no help from DH as he was recovering from a knee replacement and seemed to suffer more than I did.
Give your insides time to heal, and if what you're doing hurts (even a little bit) STOP right away. There are exercises to do if you haven't been given any on Google etc, and some hospitals run a Use it or Lose it session - run by the RVS - contact them from their Google page.
As I say, I was lucky and back at my desk within 6 weeks.
The worst problem for me was not being able to drive.
I do think you're taking the right approach, people who sit back and become an 'invalid' don'e seem to recover.

ExD1938 Sat 08-Feb-20 13:05:51

Its an Australian site, but no worse for that.

Nanabelle Mon 10-Feb-20 01:24:00

I guess everyone is different, but I had a hysterectomy in 2008 and found a great website:, but on googling this, I find it has changed to Healthy Happy Woman! The old site was wonderful for friendship and support during and after the op. Medics might say 6 weeks and you will be fine, but lots of us looked more realistically at 12 weeks - no lifting big bags of potting compost or other heavy things. I got a cleaner for about 6 weeks - just to do the vacuuming. As ExD says, your inside stitchings need time to heal, and I would definitely lay off heavy housework for as long as you can! Going back to work may be fine if the job doesn't entail lots of physical work or standing all day. Walking every day is good as you obviously need to keep your muscles active. Good luck with the op if you haven't had it yet. Talking of kettles - I used the travel kettle to start with - much lighter!!!

absent Mon 10-Feb-20 06:11:17

It may be routine for surgeons, but it is still major surgery and just because you are beginning to feel better doesn't mean you can push over houses. Take it slowly and gently and when you feel able to undertake some exercise, try swimming, which you can do at your own pace and is unlikely to cause damage.

Marydoll Mon 10-Feb-20 06:34:04

As Nanabelle says, everyone is different. It was three months before I was back at work, as a teacher. It was a vaginal hysterectomy with a spinal block, with no complications, but as I suffer from a number of comorbidities and experienced an allergic reaction to an antibiotic, it took ages for me to get back on my feet.

What I would say is do what you are told and not try to run before you can walk . I found a daily walk great way of getting my strength back.

yggdrasil Mon 10-Feb-20 07:33:53

How long before you could have sex again?

Marydoll Mon 10-Feb-20 07:48:41

You have to wait until your six week check up and follow doctor's orders! I'm afraid that was the last thing on my mind!! grin

Esspee Mon 10-Feb-20 08:00:33

I felt wonderful after my hysterectomy due to HRT. I hadn't realised that my oestrogen levels had got so low but two days after the operation I was repotting the hospital day room geraniums and running errands for the other ladies who had not been given oestrogen.
It was this time of year so not conducive to walks to build up strength so I would drive to my local supermarket, grab a trolley and walk for half an hour at a time. I remember doing all the exercises religiously but my garden did get neglected that year.
I remember being scared stiff to have sex as my cervix had been removed and I hadn't been told what to expect. Can't remember
how long we abstained but everything worked as normal and still does 31 years later. (Still taking the HRT)

sodapop Mon 10-Feb-20 08:42:15

My hysterectomy was 26 years ago and I think its a less invasive procedure now. You will feel so much better afterwards Grandetante I couldn't believe the difference it made to my life. Listen to the advice from medical staff and don't rush things but then move on and enjoy a better quality of life. I remember the Dr telling me that after 6 weeks I would be able to vacuum - whoopee 😀

Nortsat46 Mon 10-Feb-20 18:02:25

Hi, I was also back at my desk, in a complex job in six weeks.
I think my overwhelming feeling was tiredness.

I was pain free almost immediately, which I hadn’t expected.
My surgeon had explained that it was quite straight forward but somehow I hadn’t believed him. He was right !

As to sex, things went virtually back to normal in about 4 -6 weeks, but I guess every woman is different.

All good wishes 💐

Framilode Mon 10-Feb-20 20:02:41

I had a radical hysterectomy and was back at work in 6 weeks. I would say it was about 3 months before I felt completely myself again. The mistake I made was overdoing it about 2 weeks after the op which knocked me back.

Good luck.

grannypiper Mon 10-Feb-20 20:19:54

I felt great the day after mine and was up and about, 3 days later i was on my hands and knees cleaning the bathroom floor,in hindsight i done too much. A nurse stopped me in my tracks by warning me "that you only have one chance to get this right" Tke your time, it is not a race

Tigertooth Thu 13-Feb-20 18:58:58

I had mine 20th Jan. Felt sore for a week, took it easy for 2nd week but had forgotten all about it by week 3. Totally back to normal. Mine was a complete hysterectomy but it was laparoscopic which is obviously easier than a big cut.

Harris27 Thu 13-Feb-20 19:41:11

I’m reading these and. Ant believe how well you all felt. I had full hysterectomy and was cut and very anemic for a long time took me a while to get over it and was very glad when I did. It was 14 years ago so hopefully things have moved on now. Good luck.

dahlia Thu 13-Feb-20 19:46:03

I had a total hysterectomy (ovaries too) over 20 years ago. Apart from an infection that knocked me back, things went very well and I was able to enjoy a holiday after four weeks. I didn't take HRT for more than a couple of months as I was allergic to the patches and I really didn't need it. After 6 weeks I returned to my very busy desk-based job and have never looked back. All the advice from other "netters" is so good.