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Has anyone tried Hemp oil?

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GrandmaJan Sun 09-Feb-20 13:26:42

I suffer from osteoarthritis in several joints and since I had back surgery almost 2 years ago I now have sacroiliac joint pain which at times is almost unbearable. I hate taking painkillers but it’s the only way I get any relief. I’ve been doing a lot of research into pain relief and came across lots of positive reviews about Hemp Oil and how effective it is for reliving pain and other symptoms such as anxiety and insomnia. Has anyone tried it?

NfkDumpling Sun 09-Feb-20 14:17:13

No, but I’m very interested if anyone has.

GrandmaJan Sun 09-Feb-20 14:32:46

Nfk the reviews are very positive so I just might order some but I need to research just a bit more because there are so many companies producing it. I’m just being cautious I suppose.

Sparklefizz Sun 09-Feb-20 15:55:41

What has helped my arthritis pain the most is a grounding/earthing sheet which reduces the inflammation. It's made a big difference to me since I bought it in November. Not sure if I am allowed to post a link but PM me if you're interested. I have tried loads of different things and this has worked the best.

mike28939 Sun 09-Feb-20 23:30:58

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GrandmaJan Mon 10-Feb-20 19:22:05

I have now decided to buy some because I’m in so much pain today, despite me taking Tramadol. I’ll try anything because I have pain every day. I have an appointment at the Back Clinic tomorrow (my GP referred me) so I’ll see what they can suggest although I won’t build my hopes up, I have been to physio and rheumatology appointments before and because there’s no cure for OA they can only suggest ways of coping etc.

Hetty58 Mon 10-Feb-20 19:49:59

Sparklefizz (apt name), beware grounding sheets - unless the results have been thoroughly tested by a qualified electrician:

Sparklefizz Mon 10-Feb-20 21:09:20

Hetty58 Thank you for the warning. I have looked at the link you pasted and it's a long article so I will read it tomorrow, but just wanted to say that there is no electricity involved if that's what you were thinking.

Barmeyoldbat Mon 10-Feb-20 22:16:12

Yes I use it for back pain as well as tramadol. I use the tablets, bought online, made in the EU and I think are 24mg strength. Do they help, well sometimes they stop the pain, other times they are really helpful in getting me to relax enough that I can sleep. They are expensive, £50 for about a months supply if I take just one a day. I find Tramadol the bestsellers for pain, I take just one in the morning about 10 am and if need be another in the afternoon. I have an MRI next week to see what the problem is and if anything can be done, at times I have been in so much pain that I just cry, I have had it since September, also been diagnosed with OA so the could be the problem. If you want the name, pm me and I will pass it on.

GrandmaJan Tue 11-Feb-20 20:42:34

Thank you Barmeyoldbat I also need to take Tramadol usually 50mgs once or twice a day but I’ve ordered some hemp oil to see if that helps. I’m interested in the tablets you buy online though. I’m sorry you are in so much pain and I understand what it’s like. I’ll pm you