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Dreadful virus I can’t get over...

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Mamma66 Sun 16-Feb-20 05:28:21

A couple of weeks ago I was feeling a bit run down (work is very stressful at present) and I had a headache that lasted three or four days. The next thing, I come down with an horrendous virus. My nephew and DH’s niece have also had it too.

I have had six days off work (unheard of for me) and am dreading going back to work on Monday. Although I feel much better in myself, I have zero energy.

Yesterday I took DH out for lunch to make up for not getting a Valentines Day card (not been out of the house for a week) and also to try to feel normal again and I couldn’t walk. I parked 100 yards away from where we had lunch and I literally had to stop every few steps. I sent DH ahead as it was raining when we returned to the car and a driver actually pulled over to ask if I was okay! I think she thought I was going to keel over. It was very kind of her but I was mortified.

Has anyone else had this? I feel loads better until I try to do anything, I have a shower and then have to sit down half an hour to recover. I am dreading Monday...

craftyone Sun 16-Feb-20 06:45:43

Listen to your body and see your gp. My son did exactly that and has just returned to work after being off for 6 weeks with work related stress. It is a real illness, he was also unable to shake anything off, stress affected his immune system so badly

cornergran Sun 16-Feb-20 07:04:37

You’re not ready to go back to work. Yes, please see your GP, take this seriously and allow yourself time to recover. Let us know how you get on.

Ginny42 Sun 16-Feb-20 07:25:27

How alarming. You are clearly too sick to go to work. If you push yourself to the limit to go back to work too soon, recovery takes much longer.

Jane10 Sun 16-Feb-20 07:25:53

Could it have been actual flu? That really takes it out of you.

Mamma66 Sun 16-Feb-20 07:58:50

Thank you, I think I shall have to bite the bullet and go and see my GP. I am pretty sure it’s not ‘flu’ which I had when I was 15 - I remember how God awful I felt with actual ‘flu’. It is a virus I think and the stressful situation at work is probably not helping. I am so fed up, any movement and I am whacked and out of breath! It is really getting me down. Thank you for your sensible advice 💐

Marydoll Sun 16-Feb-20 08:10:18

Mamma, I think you need to stay off work and get a sick note from your doctor. Be sensible and kind to yourself.
Without meaning to alarm you, it took six weeks for me to get over a virus, after the person next to me on a plane, coughed all over me for three hours.
Stress at work will also be impacting on your already low immune system. I hope you feel better soon. flowers

sodapop Sun 16-Feb-20 08:21:29

Listen to all the other posters Mamma66 Take more time to recover otherwise you are storing up problems for the future. Get plenty of rest and don't worry about work for now.
Hope you feel better soon.

Buffybee Sun 16-Feb-20 08:42:31

I feel for you Mamma66, I've had exactly the same virus as you, it absolutely wipes you out.
The symptom which resonated with me was that you feel better until you try to do something. I was having to sleep so much and literally getting up, then having to go back to bed exhausted and sleeping for hours.
I would go to the Doctors, get an emergency appointment and just rest as much as you can do.
It will go eventually, although you probably feel like it won't. It took two weeks for me to feel anything like. flowers

Sparklefizz Sun 16-Feb-20 10:26:42

This is what having M.E./CFS is like. Listen to your body, Mamma66.

I have had M.E. for 31 years, and for the first 2 years I couldn't get out of bed. My husband and I both caught a nasty virus. He got better and I never did. I am not meaning to worry you, but 2 weeks is nothing. Don't push yourself.

Hetty58 Sun 16-Feb-20 10:42:42

Mamma66, once I felt pretty much like that after a viral infection. I was as weak as a kitten and couldn't seem to get enough oxygen to my muscles.

I stopped dead in a shop and just leaned on the trolley for a while, unable to move. I was whisked off to the doctor and given a certificate for another week off - and told to rest.

EllanVannin Sun 16-Feb-20 12:13:07

I feel for anyone having to try and work after suffering a viral infection. It takes ages before you feel anything like human.

I would class my myself as a pretty strong " oldie " but a virus knocked me sideways after Christmas until well into January, so I would say that whatever it was, it took all of a month before I felt normal as it left me so washed out.
I actually thought I was breathing my last ! I couldn't walk properly either as my legs felt like lead. Wouldn't like to go through that again.

Rest is the only cure really.( not that you have the energy to do anything anyway )

Chestnut Sun 16-Feb-20 12:18:20

Take Echinacea which boosts your immune system. It works before, during or after a virus. Either stops you coming down with it at the start or helps you recover afterwards. I can vouch for this. Take the full dose for a couple of weeks.

annep1 Sun 16-Feb-20 12:25:46

Mg husband is like this atm. Doctor said it can take a few weeks to recover so I think you need more time off. Working with an illness is a bid straon on your body and can also cause you to develop M.E./CFS.

annep1 Sun 16-Feb-20 12:27:35

Mg my
straon strain

I need to slow down.

BlueSky Sun 16-Feb-20 12:39:52

I had similar a while ago, one day after pushing myself to go out, I had trouble walking back to the car. No energy at all, when I usually walk miles. It took over 6 weeks to clear altogether. Luckily I no longer needed to worry about time off work.

Mamma66 Mon 17-Feb-20 13:07:59

Thanks for your sensible advice. I went to the Doctor this week. The good news is my chest and heart are okay (the breathlessness was getting a bit frightening) the not so good news is that it takes a good two to three weeks to get over this. So I am signed off for another week and see where I go from there

3dognight Mon 17-Feb-20 13:19:03

I had a nasty virus like yours a long while ago, I thought I could go back to work straightaway after a couple days out of bed. I could not cope at work, so went back to docs, and he signed me off with post viral debility for another couple weeks. I thought it was a very descriptive name for how I felt.
Perhaps you have the same?
Hope you feel fighting fit soon!