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Memory clinics?

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mamagran Mon 17-Feb-20 13:21:05

Hello everyone!
I found this interesting article about memory clinics. Is this something that anyone here is familiar with? Has anyone from your family been to a memory clinic and what happened there? I'd be very interested to know.
Thank you in advance for your answers!

Sunlover Mon 17-Feb-20 14:26:22

My dad went to a memory clinic. It was a struggle to persuade him to go but once there he seemed to enjoy it. Not actually sure what he did whilst there. Not much help sorry.

kittylester Mon 17-Feb-20 14:34:10

Memory clinics are specialist Dementia testing and diagnosing clinics.

Izabella Mon 17-Feb-20 16:56:30

Why do you want to know?

Daddima Mon 17-Feb-20 17:05:44

The Bodach went to a memory clinic, where a community psychiatric nurse asked him questions like ‘ where are we now?’ ‘ who is the prime minister?’, ‘ what floor are we on’, and asked him to do simple sums. They then referred him for an MRI of the brain, which he refused, but the doctor was happy to diagnose Alzheimer’s based on his answers.
After that they suggested a support group, where they chatted about various things, and he seemed to enjoy that ( though he could never seem to remember what they had done)

mamagran Tue 18-Feb-20 13:58:49

Thank you to everyone who replied thus far. I was doing some research online, as a member of my family was recommended to go to a memory clinic by their GP. They fear he may be getting dementia, as in recent years his sort term memory became increasingly worse.

Izabella Tue 18-Feb-20 17:25:00

In that case:

First appointment: medical history taken
Family history noted
Basic questions regarding current events
Second appointment: 2 hour session with clinical psychologist looking at cognition etc
Third appointment: completion of assessment by clinical psychologist
MRI scan
Case discussion with all professionals
Next appointment - diagnosis given and commenced on tablets
Fourth appointment: titration clinic when medication reviewd and discharged to GP care.

Hope that helps. Bear in mind it will depend on area .

BradfordLass73 Tue 18-Feb-20 20:23:08

I sometimes feel I need to go to a Memory Clinic but I'd forget to go.

I have to write down every important thing these days (or put it on my computer) or I forget.

And yet I can remember things from way back. Weird isn't it?

There'd be no point in anyone asking me who the PM is (although this one has made her mark so positively here that she's the first I do know) and I only know about current events if someone tells me.

It is many years since I looked at or listened to news in any shape or form.

I wouldn't be able to tell them what floor we were on other than "This one".

I fear I am doomed.

kittylester Tue 18-Feb-20 21:41:37

Izabella knows!

Dollymac Tue 18-Feb-20 22:30:35

Yes, Dad went to a memory clinic, to assess his condition, they asked him pertinent questions and he seemed pleased that he was able to answer most of them, but especially pleased that he had made them laugh, always the joker...
Also I know, deep down, that he wanted to protect us from what, I think he knew, that something was wrong
He was eventually diagnosed with Vascular Dementia and Alzheimers
I hope, if you're worried specifically about someone mama, that the outcome of the memory clinic is positive

Ginny42 Tue 18-Feb-20 22:42:56

Someone I know is refusing to go for the second appointment. He had the first part in a care home when he was at a very low ebb after surgery, and he was prescribed anti-depressants. No one has explained to him or to his family what the test consists of and why he should have it. I will tell him what you have explained Izabella. I gather that if he doesn't wish to go that his wishes must be taken into account?

mamagran Wed 19-Feb-20 11:06:53

Thank you so much Izabella for putting things into perspective. And thank you to everyone else for sharing their thoughts. I will now be able to advise them properly on what to do. Fingers crossed that everything goes well.

mamagran Wed 19-Feb-20 11:42:08

@BradfordLass73 I'm sending good thoughts your way. Honestly, I don't even think you need to know who the PM isgrin.