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Retained tooth root

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Katyj Fri 21-Feb-20 09:43:17

Hi,I had a tooth removed yesterday, it came out in pieces so the dentist took an X-ray. The surgery has rang this morning to say there is some remaining root still there and i need to go back have have it removed. Anybody had this ? To say I’m not looking forward to this is an understatement. Thought I had the worst over yesterday !

Lovetopaint037 Fri 21-Feb-20 10:37:35

Really sympathise. As I have got older extractions have become a real problem due to roots twisting. The last time I was told there was still some root but it was probable that it wouldn’t cause any trouble. Sometimes they work themselves out as did one my dh had. Perhaps they want you in to discuss this. A friend was told she had a root still in but hasn’t had any problems tho she was offered a hospital appointment as it was a wisdom tooth. Do let us know what happens today wishing you well and hoping all gets sorted

Katyj Fri 21-Feb-20 10:53:41

Thanks for replying. They said I need to see the dental surgeon, at the same practice. Their sending a letter, then I need to make an appointment 😱. I’m such a wus, the only consolation at the moment is, it is a very good dentist, I’ve never had a problem or been in pain whilst having treatment, so hanging on to that at the mo. I’ll keep updating.

janeainsworth Fri 21-Feb-20 11:49:54

Katy my advice would be to ask for an appointment with the dentist to discuss the X-ray findings.
What you need to know is how difficult it would be to get the root out, and whether there would be any harm in leaving it.
There are arguments for and against removing retained roots & you need to know the dentist’s assessment of your particular case.
In the end it’s your decision.

rosenoir Fri 21-Feb-20 12:37:44

I had problems for 3 years after an extraction.

The dentist refused to x ray saying the tooth was out so the pain could not be there and it had to be referred pain, this was bottom left, he removed top left and obviously it did not help.

Every 6 months I would go for a check up and tell him about the pain, sometimes I was given antibiotics as because of my inner cheek swelling I would bite it and get an infection.

Eventually he x rayed it to show me there was nothing there and saw root had been left. This was removed and I was pain free, that was 2 years ago and I have not been back to a dentist since.

kittylester Fri 21-Feb-20 12:41:06

What janea said - cos she knows. That was the advice from the resident dentist here too.

Fennel Fri 21-Feb-20 13:49:06

I'm probably going to have a loose molar removed because the gum around it seems to be infected. It's been loose for years.
I know infections from teeth can be dangerous so I'm a bit worried. Got an appt. Monday am.
@ Katyj hoping your extraction isn't too painful - try switching off and thinking of sea waves breaking gently over a sandy

grandtanteJE65 Fri 21-Feb-20 13:59:30

I had an infection encapsulated in the bone years ago. It sounds ghastly but my dentist referred me to a specialist.

The worst part of it all was the fact that the anaesthetic didn't wear off for hours so I had to drink coffee through a straw, as otherwise it dripped out of my mouth again.

Good luck to you all.

Greyduster Fri 21-Feb-20 16:13:09

My DH had a tooth removed fairly recently but he didn’t get it all out. He said to get it out he would have to take out the tooth next to it also which he was loathe to do, so he left it, saying it would probably work it’s way out in time. The gum has now healed over the site, so not sure how that works! It still gives him a jolt occasionally when he is eating.

Katyj Fri 21-Feb-20 16:18:59

Hi,Yes I was thinking about asking, Jane. I’ve since been googling, and it seems there’s arguments for and against, it sounds quite scary, they may have to cut the gum open ! Shouldn’t have bothered reading. Rose that’s sounds horrendous, if only you had known sooner, all for the sake of an X-ray.
Thanks Fennel. Hope everything goes well on Monday for you, let us know. My extraction was fine, and it feels great today. Have to see what the next week or so brings.

Katyj Fri 21-Feb-20 16:22:19

I was wondering about that Greyduster, surely mines starting to heal now, or will it, if there’s something left in there, and how could it work it’s way out. Mate that’s why they have to go through the gum.

MissAdventure Fri 21-Feb-20 16:23:07

I have had bits of tooth surface after extractions, mostly on their own: 1 a good year or so after.

I've also had some which were left for about three years as the dentist couldn't get them out.

The next dentist I met saw it as a challenge, I think, and he did get them out. Eventually!!

MissAdventure Fri 21-Feb-20 16:25:30

Katy My gum healed normally, but then, weeks or months later started to feel a bit prickly sometimes, then a bit sore sometimes.

Then I found my tongue touching something sharp..

grannyticktock Fri 21-Feb-20 19:48:02

My dentist tells me that after an extraction, the bones around the socket realign themselves and occasionally poke through the gum and get mistaken for a bit of tooth or root. A little piece may even break away, but eventually it will all settle down.

This isn't to make light of anyone who actually has a bit of root left in the gum, just to reassure others who may have nothing much to worry about.

Fennel Mon 24-Feb-20 12:03:33

The dentist took my loose molar out this morning. She said it wasn't rooted in bone so it came out easily thank God. The injection was painful.
I'm still feeling a bit shaky but glad it's over.

dahlia Mon 24-Feb-20 19:33:16

Don't you think teeth are one of the many ill-designed parts of the human body? I had a tooth grow, unnoticed because it was under the surface, in the low part of the roof of my mouth. it showed up in an X-ray. I realised the other day that it had emerged, just behind two existing molars. Only took 15 years to come through!

MissAdventure Mon 24-Feb-20 20:26:34

I always think we'd be better off with beaks.
You could patch up a beak in a lot of (painless) ways.

Katyj Tue 25-Feb-20 05:52:36

Well done Fennel glad it’s good outcome for still waiting for my letter. My gum has almost healed over, had no problems with it at all, Shame it’s got to be opened up again. Think a beak would be a brilliant idea Missadventure,if only. Their nothing but a nuisance !

Katyj Thu 12-Mar-20 14:15:31

Hi an update. I’ve had my root and some bone removed this morning, it only took 15 minutes from start to finish, not half as bad as I imagined, I have two stitches which should dissolve in about 5 days. I was nervous this morning though, glad it’s over, hopefully, feeling exhausted now, relaxing on the sofa in the sunshine