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Online grocery shopping question

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TrendyNannie6 Sat 22-Feb-20 11:53:46

We have just been given a 18 pound off voucher for a 60 pound shop in Sainsbury’s, as we have never tried online supermarket shop was just wondering, what are the dates like.. as when we go shopping always go for furthest dates, yes, I know some people never worry about dates best before. Use by etc, but we do,

pinkquartz Sat 22-Feb-20 12:00:46

I often use Sainsburys online.

If they do turn up with short dates we send them back which is perfectly ok. The delivery men and women never mind.
It is most all ok but I do check dates because they have sent some crazy ones, like 8 rolls to eat in one day!

Also you can easily phone their customer services and have a good moan.

I like that they often have special offers on items I buy and then I stock up.

TrendyNannie6 Sat 22-Feb-20 12:07:59

Thankyou Pinkquartz 18 pound off a 60 pound shop is not to be sneezed at 😜

vampirequeen Sat 22-Feb-20 15:12:06

I use Sainsburys. Never had a problem with dates. Maybe it depends on the store.

lemongrove Sat 22-Feb-20 15:25:11

That’s why I use Ocado, the dates are always really good, no need to send anything back.The other reason I use them is that they don’t ( the workers there) go slowly around a busy store selecting fresh things which then sit out in the trolley for ages.It’s not a store/shop but a facility which is temperature controlled.Things arrive in a good state and neatly packed.
From sometime this year they will be stocking M&S foodstuffs as well as their own range.I can really recommend them.

BlueSky Sat 22-Feb-20 15:26:37

I use Sainsbury's. Their groceries are always with a good date but if you like me you have been used to pick up items yourself, you might think they are shorter dated. Also their choice of fresh fruit and veg and loaves of bread, I now get these in store.

Hetty58 Sat 22-Feb-20 15:35:09

I've never had a problem with Sainsburys but I tend to order all the heavy tins, bottles packets etc. of stuff I use regularly.

I still shop for fresh fruit, veg, bread and treats when I walk the dog as I like to choose my own and buy regularly in small amounts (especially chocolate)!

mande Sat 22-Feb-20 15:41:35

You can add a note in your order asking for the furthest dates. Online shopping is so easy once it is set up.

TrendyNannie6 Sat 22-Feb-20 15:53:48

Thanks so much everyone, as always very helpful

Doodledog Sat 22-Feb-20 17:40:15

They put anything with a short date in a bag, so the deliverer can spot them easily and point them out when they deliver them. I've never had a problem - in fact the last delivery even had croissants in a 'short date' bag. I don't know how long they were expecting them to last, but they had three days to go grin.

annep1 Sat 22-Feb-20 17:44:27

Never had a problem Haven't used for a while but I think I remember being able to request long date.

JuliaM Sat 22-Feb-20 17:51:36

Sainsburys no longer deliver your goods packed into carrier bags, they bring them to your door in a crate, and hand the items to you one at a time, so you do need to have a couple of the Large ‘bags for life’ at the ready, or even a small shopping trolley if you have one.

annep1 Sat 22-Feb-20 22:49:12

Thanks Julia.

Suki70 Sun 23-Feb-20 05:29:17

We sometimes use Sainsburys online and have never had a problem with dates, quality of food or anything else.. The goods are in crates but some items eg frozen foods are in thin carrier bags. The delivery men carry the crates into our kitchen, put them on the table and help us take out the items. TrendyNannie6 I'd certainly use the voucher, the most I've ever had is £7 off a £60 shop!

mumofmadboys Sun 23-Feb-20 06:08:45

I love Sainsburys online grocery shopping. I would hate to go back to having to go regularly to the supermarket

JuliaM Sun 23-Feb-20 09:20:09

You are very lucky Suki70 if your delivery drivers help you to take your goods into the kitchen, l have very limited Mobility, but they still quote 'Sorry, its doorstep delivery only' making the whole time trying to stand at the froont door very lengthly, so now l try and arrange for the deliveries at a time that l know someone will be home to help me deal with it all. On the otherhand, l find Iceland deliveries very good, the goods are delivered in several manageable sized bags, the driver places them inside my hallway for me, and they are always ontime, quick, and very cheerfull. Its not all frozen stuff they sell either, l can get most of the general groceries l require at a very competitive price too, with free delivery if l spend £35 or more which helps keep the costs down a little.

Daisymae Sun 23-Feb-20 09:33:17

Waitrose will bring it to the kitchen if you want. They are very helpful.

Choccie123 Sun 23-Feb-20 09:56:27

I have tried Tesco, Morrison’s, Asda, and Sainsbury’s. They each have their pros and cons. All of them ask where I’d like the shopping and are happy to take into the kitchen. They draw the line at putting away in my cupboards thought smile

BlueSky Sun 23-Feb-20 10:07:11

Yes they've banned plastic bags except for frozen items. So I get an old shopping trolley out and fill it from the door step. Can't believe once upon a time I used to go to town fill the trolley and travel back by bus! shock

V3ra Sun 23-Feb-20 10:26:34

Choccie123 my Tesco delivery driver said they will put shopping away for elderly or disabled people if they ask!

henetha Sun 23-Feb-20 10:32:28

I've been having Tesco home delivery for over two years now, - but only once a month for all heavy stuff as I like to shop for fresh things myself, - and have had no problems. The delivery men/women are really helpful, and I've rarely had to send anything back. And the sell by dates are pretty good too.
I'd say give it a go, that's a good offer from Sainsbury's.

littleflo Sun 23-Feb-20 11:11:18

If it is a short date, they email to let you know. You can reject it when it is delivered and get a refund.