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5K Park run/jog/walks anyone started one or thought about one.

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bikergran Sat 22-Feb-20 18:24:59

Just come across the 5k Park run/walk/jog ad.

I have couple of parks on my door step.

Just wondering has anyone tried one or started on or thinking about starting doing one.

It says you can walk jog or run.

Whilst I am not built for running or jogging it looks like the only option maybe to walk. (Im sure I would be the last to arrive back) shock

If you have tired one , how did you get on? not quite sure if I'm up for it, or if I am fit enough to complete the 5k.

JoyBloggs Sat 22-Feb-20 22:10:56

I'm thinking about it... but that's as far as it's got! grin As the official runs/jogs/walks take place on a Saturday morning I thought I might stroll nonchalantly round the course on a weekday (when hopefully there's nobody around!) and see how it went before (possibly) 'going public'...

Will watch this thread with interest and if I do give it a go I'll report back.

Ohmother Sat 22-Feb-20 23:10:06

I did one for my final C25K run about three years ago. Have a look at doing C25K ( couch to 5K) if you feel unfit; it’s great and helps. I wasn’t jogging 5k so with loads of support I half jogged and half walked to complete it. They were brilliantly supportive!!! As they were returning to base I was still heading out but shouts from all saying “ Well done! And Go girl!” Made me want to.complete it. I was one of the last to arrive back but it didn’t matter to them. 👍🏻 Go for it is my advice.

Fellsidegruffalo Sun 23-Feb-20 00:12:33

Parkrun are proud of the fact the average finish time for the 5k route has got longer year on year...because it is truly for everyone who wants to walk, jog or run. I’d absolutely recommend you give them a try. Each parkrun has its own vibe so, as you have a couple near you, try them all out as you may prefer the feel of one to another. Most Parkruns have a tail walker now who’s job it is to be the last one over the line so you’ll never be coming in on your own miles behind everyone. We love our local parkrun. Ours is two laps so the younger kids in the family still go round but just stop at one lap. We’ve also unexpectedly made so many friends at our local parkrun.

bikergran Sun 23-Feb-20 09:03:39

thanks all..yes had a look at the Couch to 5k NHS complete with downloads to download to mps/ipod(still trying to work out how to download but will crack it)

Seems maybe the way to go as it starts you of gently (but it does involve gradual build up to running.
(may try it on the big car park first in disguise) smile

Cunco Sun 23-Feb-20 10:21:47

I would start by walking 10 minutes and gradually increase to 30 minutes (maybe 2.5K). Make sure you cut long toe nails and wear comfortable shoes or you will give up as soon as you start! After you are comfortable walking a reasonable distance, you could try jogging for 10 minutes and so on upwards. Personally, I have preferred jogging on my own but I can see how group activity suits many people. If you have a friend who has a similar target, why not do it together?

I started gentle jogging about 15 years ago and, at 64 years old, found myself running the London Marathon in 2011 and many half marathons since. Who knows where your jogging journey might end?

By the way, the support you receive on race days is usually great. It makes all the training worthwhile.

bikergran Tue 25-Feb-20 09:46:39

Well done Cunco who knows where I may end up once I start running lol
Yes I will take it steady see how I go, thanks.