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Shingles pain

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HurdyGurdy Thu 27-Feb-20 12:43:03

I was diagnosed with Shingles on Tuesday. I'd had a red lump on my back which obviously I couldn't see properly, and thought it was either a bite or a spot. Anyway, they said Shingles and gave me Aciclovir, 800mg

For a few days before diagnosis, I'd been experiencing what felt like a stitch in the area, and also on the front of my body - I said it was like an "in and out" pain.

I've been taking the tablets since Tuesday evening, but today, Thursday, the stitch like pain is so bad. Is this the normal type of pain associated with Shingles? The blisters haven't come out fully yet, but the itching is also present. I am so pleased I decided not to go to work. I have a fairly high pain threshold, but this pain is literally making me yelp!

Yorksherlass Thu 27-Feb-20 12:52:24

You have my sympathies, it’s awful. Eventually I was prescribed Emla cream which has anaesthetic properties , it did help a little , it’s worth a try . Hope you get better soon .🙂

Allegretto Thu 27-Feb-20 13:16:27

My GP prescribed Lidocaine cream, which when collected from the pharmacy turned out to be Vagisil. I think you can buy it over the counter. I also used Aloe Vera gel, which I kept in the fridge. It’s a horrible pain. You have my sympathy.