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constipated after routine colonoscopy at 55

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ForestsLakesandMountains Fri 28-Feb-20 20:39:05

about 18 months ago I suddenly became terribly constipated, recently I realised it started just after I had the routine colonoscopy that people are routinely called to have around 55 years. it doesn't sound feasible but when I googled it there are a few reports that it has happened to other folks. it has just righted itself im glad to say but I wonder if this has happened to anyone else and if so does anyone know why it may happen?

Oopsadaisy3 Fri 28-Feb-20 21:55:43

I think it takes a while for your gut bacteria to be replaced after the ‘flushing out’ . We don’t have routine colonoscopy at 55, only if we have a problem that needs to be investigated.
But we are given a helpful sheet explaining that we might have a few problems, for a while.