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Devil’s claw

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Lucca Sat 14-Mar-20 21:16:59

Has anyone used this for arthritis?

JackyB Sun 15-Mar-20 06:49:01

It's just occurred to me that this must be what is known as "Teufelskralle' in German. We use a bath oil with it in for backache. It helps a little, (also seems to stimulate bowel movement) but I don't know if it would be effective for anything more severe such as arthritis.

Are you looking at tablets or an ointment?

MawB Sun 15-Mar-20 06:57:20

Given the loo-roll shortage I would be wary of anything which stimulated bowel movement 😱😱

Lucca Sun 15-Mar-20 07:47:43

MawB. Yuck. I agree. No I was just told about it by someone, I must ask her more.

EllanVannin Sun 15-Mar-20 09:06:52

Hahahahaha, MawB.