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Help yourself Covid19 - EFT improve lung capacity David Abel

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seacliff Sun 15-Mar-20 16:15:26

I just watched this long video from David Abel in a Japanese hospital. He explained how Covid19 had affected him. One thing that interested me. Years ago he had learnt EFT which helps breathing. He started to do this in hospital, and found an improvement. It cannot hurt to try this when we are healthy, just in case.

He also recommended sitting in the sun if possible to boost Vitamin D, and to take extra Vitamin C. Also to gargle with salt water. He said when they were first ill, if he had been at home he would have used their steam inhaler cup with menthol.

It is worth trying to help ourselves, although there is no proof these would definitely work.


Marydoll Sun 15-Mar-20 16:31:15

Thank you seacliff, excellent video.

Franbern Mon 16-Mar-20 14:08:18

Another self qualified pundit who does love to keep himself in the news, and obviously knows so much more than any medic!!!

Shelmiss Mon 16-Mar-20 14:14:40

He’s definitely having his 15 minutes!

Marydoll Mon 16-Mar-20 14:15:43

It was interesting to hear about the virus from a patient's perspective.
I don't thinks was proclaiming to be an expert, just relating his experiences.

Marydoll Mon 16-Mar-20 14:19:03

I've just realised that you meant the second video.blush

Septimia Mon 16-Mar-20 15:16:13

It was nice to see people recovering, even if the account of their experiences was somewhat long-winded.

I did take a look at EFT, but it's another of those things that's come in for criticism. I suppose it's a case of what works for you....