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Marmight Sun 15-Mar-20 21:30:44

I am in Australia & due to fly home on Saturday. This morning/evening my 2 UK daughters set up a Whatsapp ‘meeting’ with me and my Oz daughter to discuss whether I should travel home and then be prepared to stay home alone for the duration, whether I should move in with one of them for company and take my chances should the family or I become unwell or whether I should remain in Oz and wait.....(not sure she or I could cope for another 3 months!!) While I am touched that they are all so worried about me, I am now more confused than ever. I was prepared to take my chances on flying home - so far the flight is going ahead. I think they are worried as 2 years ago after I returned from Oz I got ‘flu and was alone for 3 weeks feeling really unwell. (I am normally a very healthy individual btw)
What would you do?

kittylester Sun 15-Mar-20 21:37:47

Oh crikey, Marmight, what a dilemma. For me it would be come home but a really difficult decision to make!

Gemini17892 Sun 15-Mar-20 21:42:12

That’s a tricky one . I think I would come home but I don’t know what the situation’s like in Oz. When I’m ill I want to be in my own bed. If you catch it your UK daughters will help you . It’s supposed not to be too bad if you’re normally healthy.

EllanVannin Sun 15-Mar-20 21:48:27

I'd get a flight home while the going's good in case they're grounded, if that was me of course, but it's entirely up to yourself.
It's as broad as it's long with the virus situation here and in Oz anyway and isolation will be in force at both ends. It depends which end ( country ) you prefer to be in.
I take it that you've got insurance should you fall ill ?

endlessstrife Sun 15-Mar-20 22:01:25

I think I’d want to get home too if I could. It may all be academic by next Saturday. Is there a chance you could get an earlier flight? I wish you all the best whatever you decide.

SueDonim Sun 15-Mar-20 22:52:09

I’d want to be home. You can decide whether you’d rather stay in your own home or with a daughter once you’re back here. flowers

Tangerine Sun 15-Mar-20 22:55:08

Try to get home, I think.

Callistemon Sun 15-Mar-20 23:31:46

I was just told half an hour ago that Australia is going into lockdown shortly, Marmight.

I'd stay there but it depends where you are, what the situation is there and, if your flight is cancelled before Saturday the decision will be made for you.

Good luck whatever you decide.

Spidergran3 Sun 15-Mar-20 23:33:54

I think this is going to go on for more than three months, so in your position I would want to be in my own home. Also it might be best to get home whilst you can - the situation is very fluid at the moment, goodness knows what might happen in a few weeks (days?!) time.

Marmight Mon 16-Mar-20 00:09:36

Aus is going into lockdown for people entering the country from tonight. A friend’s parents arrived today having left UK before the lockdown decision so are already in isolation! I think, so long as flights are leaving, the Authorities are quite happy for visitors like me to leave! Just depends if the UK want us back in 🙄. If I return I would self isolate anyway to be on the safe side.

Callistemon Mon 16-Mar-20 00:13:24

Will you have family nearby in the UK?
If you can change your flight and have a very short stopover then coming home might be the best thing for you, then.

Marmight Mon 16-Mar-20 05:24:19

I have a DD in the same village Callistemon. She’d be able to keep me supplied (with loo roll 😁). Still dithering although UK seems to be winning at the mo. Things are as bad here. Every hour brings more bad news ....

GagaJo Mon 16-Mar-20 07:27:19

I'm at the airport now, returning from Switzerland Marmight. Not the same long haul you're facing, I know, but I'm scared and want to be home. Don't know what I'll do if my flight is cancelled.

IF you get ill, couldn't one of them come to stay with you while you're at your worst?

kittylester Mon 16-Mar-20 07:41:55

Marmight letcus know what you decide.

sodapop Mon 16-Mar-20 08:15:06

I would want to be at home too Marmight You have a daughter quite close to you at home so help is available,
Good luck whatever you decide.

Marmight Mon 16-Mar-20 10:36:42

Going to sleep on it Kitty! will let you know .....🤔

Marmight Tue 17-Mar-20 22:53:56

Taking a chance and, barring cancellation, will be flying out of here on Saturday. Many friends in the UK think I should stay but the situation is almost as bad here, Aussies not allowed to leave the country, schools closing etc etc and my visa requires me to exit the country every 3 months for a few days! Fingers xd and sanitiser at the ready

grannyactivist Wed 18-Mar-20 00:38:52

Hi Marmight, I've only just seen this - what a dilemma for you! Having now made the decision to get home I hope your travel plans go well and that your family are going to stock up your cupboards for you in advance of your arrival. smile

Marmight Wed 18-Mar-20 22:44:53

Thanks GA. Im a bit edgy about the whole thing and what I’m returning to. I have a Tesco delivery on monday which I keep having to update so heaven knows what I’ll get. Could be interesting. DD will hopefully get me a few bits too. I’m going to self isolate straight away in case I’ve been infected on the journey - 3 airports and 2 aircraft 😱.