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Living in Lock Down is not too bad

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giulia Tue 17-Mar-20 09:55:55

Have been living in lock down in Central Italy for several days now.

While it's true we can have no direct contact with daughter and grandchildren, I feel protected by the stringent methods which are being applied.

Two supermarkets and the chemist are within walking distance but, should I not be able to leave the house my local council has a number I can call and request home delivery of both food and medicines.

We are far more worried about our daughter in England than we are about ourselves although she is Young and healthy and we are both in mid seventies.

The situation there is just so WISHY WASHY. My daughter has gone into work this morning but is not sure if she should or not.

She says there is still the head-in-the-sand attitude around of "We got through the Blitz so what's all the fuss about?"

She says she would feel "embarrassed" to wear disposable gloves when out - as we all do here - or to wear a mask (here unobtainable for ordinary folk).

Please don't worry everybody. If the shut down comes it will be for the good of everyone. Here, it is starting to curb cases but it's early days.

Calendargirl Tue 17-Mar-20 09:58:30

I don’t think it is being treated as ‘wishy-washy’. I realise it’s difficult about work, but so many jobs cannot be done from home.

BlueBelle Tue 17-Mar-20 09:59:56

I don’t agree we have a don’t care attitude in UK there is no contingency for pay if people don’t go into work and they are trying hard to stagger the illness so that we can cope, and not everyone getting ill together
Remembering most people do get better from this and hopefully built up immunity

Lucca Tue 17-Mar-20 10:06:51

I’m kind of with you Giulia I admit freely to no expert understanding of the situation but I don’t think things are clear enough I feel we need rules rather than guidelines and “you must” rather than “you should”. Anyway in bocca al lupo😉

Calendargirl Tue 17-Mar-20 10:13:56

Yes Lucca but if Boris starts saying ‘you must’ instead of ‘you should’, then the accusations will fly about civil liberties, living in a communist state, our rights, etc.
He is trying to treat us as grown up and responsible, but that may change as time passes.

Teetime Tue 17-Mar-20 10:16:17

I think the government response is very good and as a trained Infection Control Nurse I am hard to please in these things.

B9exchange Tue 17-Mar-20 10:16:18

In Spain only one person can go out food shopping, which is proving a nightmare for my son with two children, he had to go out for something yesterday and got shouted at and refused entry to the supermarket. Now his wife, who works over here, is taking a last flight out to join them and they will then have no income at all. I wanted them to get back here so she could carry on working (he can't) but they won't leave the elderly cat, and no-one to look after it there.

M0nica Tue 17-Mar-20 10:27:14

We went round Waitrose today wearing gloves - and we were not the only ones.

Nevertheless, one woman stood in the queue, applying some kind of balm to her lips with a finger. I did say to her. 'That is not a safe or sensible thing to be doing just before shopping'. She stopped - temporarily.

nonnasusie Tue 17-Mar-20 10:47:35

We've just been shopping and it was only one person per household allowed in. There was someone at the entrance handing out plastic gloves and makeshift masks!!

Lucca Tue 17-Mar-20 11:23:42

Calendargirl of course that’s true but I just feel there’s too much leeway . By the way I just watched Ted talk by bill gates predicting this it is well worth watching and very interesting

Nonnie Tue 17-Mar-20 11:27:26

I am sure there are a lot of people not thinking enough about the seriousness of it and an element of I'm all right Jack. There is also a lot about how it is not serious so it doesn't matter whereas imo we should be more concerned about the people we could be spreading the virus to and their welfare instead of ourselves.

Most of us can be helped by someone locally and should accept that help to stay safe. Yes, it will be inconvenient but our generation is pretty resourceful and will have the attitude to find ways of coping.

Calendargirl Tue 17-Mar-20 12:29:55

Tescos was busy soon after 8 this morning. I only bought a bit of fruit, but some trolleys were loaded. One chap at the checkout was prevented from purchasing I don’t know how many tins of prunes, hope he was stocked up with loo paper as there wasn’t any on sale!
Another chap had numerous packs of butter, amongst other stuff, he was at the self service checkout. Unless a member of staff noticed, and they were flat out, I expect he got away with his over-buying.
Don’t want to sound judgemental, but am sure I will, can’t help thinking it wouldn’t hurt for some shoppers to cut down on the bulk bags of crisps etc., a few less ‘treats’ might help the obesity crisis.

giulia Tue 17-Mar-20 12:40:29

Calendargirl But surely national interests are more important than our personal rights in this moment of crisis?

Can people not see that? Poor Britain.

Barmeyoldbat Tue 17-Mar-20 12:47:59

I go out with a mask and gloves on and get some funny looks in the supermarket but I don't care I feel safer.

giulia Tue 17-Mar-20 12:50:18

Barmeyoldbat Good for you! You're one step ahead of what is about to become the latest fashion!

emmasnan Tue 17-Mar-20 12:51:43

I went to my local Tesco earlier, very few basics left on the shelves but one woman was pulling armfuls of chocolate off the shelf and into her trolley!

Maggiemaybe Tue 17-Mar-20 13:04:18

Poor Britain

Why? confused We've had 55 deaths so far, Italy's had 2,158. We have 20 critical cases right now, Italy has 1,851. And you say you've only been in lockdown for several days? The situation in Italy has been remarkable for longer than that.

I think our response is proportionate and appropriate to the situation as it stands here at the moment. As things progress, and unfortunately it seems certain they will, our experts will advise the government what we should do then.

Mrst1405 Tue 17-Mar-20 13:05:00

I'm locked down in Spain . I've got what we need and me and dh spend 24/7 together anyway, but I'm finding it quite hard for some reason. I'm quite a crafty person and read a lot but just knowing I cant go out is difficult for some reason. I hope it ends soon.

Maggiemaybe Tue 17-Mar-20 13:05:49

Maggiemaybe Tue 17-Mar-20 13:10:00

I think the government response is very good and as a trained Infection Control Nurse I am hard to please in these things.

Thanks, Teetime. It's always reassuring to hear from people with knowledge and experience.

giulia Thu 19-Mar-20 10:58:28

Maggiemaybe Your statistics are accurate.

However, I feel that I'm safer in lockdown here than my poor daughter in England. I really worry for her.

giulia Thu 19-Mar-20 11:01:43

Have obtained an FPP3 mask and will wear it when I venture to the supermarket (North of Rome) at a quiet time this afternoon.
I'll be wearing my rubber gloves.

This will be my only outing in a week.

DoraMarr Thu 19-Mar-20 11:25:14

* giulia* thank you for your positive post. It’s good to hear from you. thanks

Nonnie Thu 19-Mar-20 11:36:25

I think it is time for supermarkets to ration things. If someone is shopping for an elderly person as well as themselves they could show that person's bus pass. In other cases a blue badge, or some proof of vulnerability or large family. I'm sure there are rational ways to do it.

Namsnanny Thu 19-Mar-20 11:41:40

It's me not understanding, I know, but if your going out, then the risk is there.

Thanks for that comment Teetime| smile