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Something practical (Long read -sorry);

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Alexa Thu 19-Mar-20 08:59:32

Good advice Maw, well said.

GrannyLaine Thu 19-Mar-20 07:45:00

Thanks MawB you've just saved me a job. A friend WhatsApp'd this to me yesterday and I've shared it with my family. Was just thinking of posting it on here...... really sensible advice

Oopsadaisy3 Thu 19-Mar-20 07:16:04

Thanks for that Maw very useful

Good idea Callistemon we usually have a packed rucksack in the car, in case we get stuck somewhere in the Winter, or decide to stay away overnight. I’ll fish the bag out of the car later and repack it. I think there might be some chocolate in there!

Grannmarie Thu 19-Mar-20 07:07:42

Thanks very much, MawB, I have just emailed this sensible advice to family and friends.

grandMattie Thu 19-Mar-20 06:23:12

Thank you Maw. I have just one problem - viz. that things like honey, paracetamol, teabags etc., have vanished and none can tell me when they will be back on shelves.
Excuse me, I now have to rush to Sainsbury’s to use my over 70s preferential hour...

Ginny42 Thu 19-Mar-20 06:14:36

Thank you Maw. I found it reassuring.

BBbevan Thu 19-Mar-20 05:32:08

Just what we need. Straight forward common sense. Thank you Maw for that excellent post.

Callistemon Wed 18-Mar-20 23:44:42

Yes, thank you MawB

Carillion01 Wed 18-Mar-20 23:43:44

Superb post Maw, thank you

GrannySomerset Wed 18-Mar-20 23:42:57

Very helpful, practical advice which ought to stop people panicking. Suspect it’s the older generation who will cope best with the demands of home nursing.

Marydoll Wed 18-Mar-20 23:42:33

My case is packed, with a green ribbon tied to teh handle, so that my husband can easily find it. In fact I reminded him last night, but has probably not listened.

The last time I ended up in hospital, it was at the very bottom of a cupboard. He was not in the least bit amused, neither were my children. blush

I have also made a card for him, pinned next to the phone which tells him what to say, if I need help.

Callistemon Wed 18-Mar-20 23:35:30

I would also add that it may be a good idea to keep a bag packed with night clothes and toiletries just in case you did have the misfortune to develop this and have to be hospitalised.

Marydoll Wed 18-Mar-20 23:24:38

BlueSky , my problem is that my doctor's is in the next town and pharmacy is next to it. Home delivery is not an option.
My daughter is going to go on Saturday morning and collect it.
My surgery is closed at the moment, receptionists ill and GPs answering phones. I will be surprised if the script has actually been written.

cornergran Wed 18-Mar-20 23:03:08

Thanks maw. Its good to hear some informed common sense advice.

BlueSky Wed 18-Mar-20 22:59:05

Marydoll can't your chemist deliver? I'm hoping they'll decide to issue longer repeats 2/3 months instead of monthly.

EllanVannin Wed 18-Mar-20 22:24:26

I can ring my chemist if I need anything as they know my medications and what is or isn't alright to take should I be unlucky, other than that I won't be going over the doorstep.

The above was written with good straightforward advice.

dragonfly46 Wed 18-Mar-20 22:16:10

Thank you maw

grannyactivist Wed 18-Mar-20 22:15:17

MawB that is very helpful, thank you. flowers

Doodle Wed 18-Mar-20 22:11:38

Thanks maw I have been looking for something like this. Good advice.

Marydoll Wed 18-Mar-20 19:28:49

Thanks, Maw. Sensible advice.

As recommended above, I spoke to my GP yesterday and he has given me a prescription for a rescue pack to use if my chest flares up.

The only problem is, how do I collect the prescription, when queues at the pharmacy are half way down the street and I'm grounded?
Poor DH will have to take the strain again.

Curlywhirly Wed 18-Mar-20 18:33:59

Thank you Maw very informative.

MawB Wed 18-Mar-20 18:26:41

Finally, some sensible advice.
Good advice in, 'Queen's English', from a nurse..not from me!
with thanks to a friend who posted it on FB
What I have seen a lot of are recommendations for how to try to avoid getting coronavirus in the first place -- good hand washing, personal hygiene and social distancing -- but what I have NOT seen a lot of is advice for what happens if you actually get it, which many of us will. So as your friendly neighborhood Nurse let me make some suggestions
You basically just want to prepare as though you know you’re going to get a nasty respiratory bug, like bronchitis or pneumonia. You just have the foresight to know it might come your way
Things you should actually buy ahead of time -not sure what the obsession with toilet paper is?
whatever your generic, mucus thinning cough medicine of choice is (check the label and make sure you're not doubling up on Paracetamol)
Honey and lemon can work just as well
Vick vaporub for your chest is also a great suggestion.
If you don’t have a humidifier, that would be a good thing to buy and use in your room when you go to bed overnight. (You can also just turn the shower on hot and sit in the bathroom breathing in the steam)
If you have a history of asthma and you have a prescription inhaler, make sure the one you have isn’t expired and refill it/get a new one if necessary
This is also a good time to meal prep: make a big batch of your favorite soup to freeze and have on hand
Stock up on whatever your favorite clear fluids are to drink - though tap water is fine you may appreciate some variety
For symptom management and a fever over 38°c, take Paracetamol rather than Ibuprofen
Hydrate (drink!) hydrate, hydrate
Rest lots. You should not be leaving your house! Even if you are feeling better you may will still be infectious for fourteen days and older people and those with existing health conditions should be avoided
Ask friends and family to leave supplies outside to avoid contact.
You DO NOT NEED TO GO TO HOSPITAL unless you are having trouble breathing or your fever is very high (over 39°C) and unmanaged with meds. 90% of healthy adult cases thus far have been managed at home with basic rest/hydration/over-the-counter meds.
If you are worried or in distress or feel your symptoms are getting worse, ring 111 and they will advise if you need to go to hospital. The hospital beds will be used for people who actively need oxygen/breathing treatments/IV fluids
If you have a pre-existing lung condition (COPD, emphysema, lung cancer) or are on immunosuppressants, now is a great time to talk to your Doctor or specialist about what they would like you to do if you get sick.
One major relief to you parents is that kids do VERY well with coronavirus— they usually bounce back in a few days (but they will still be infectious), Just use paediatric dosing.
Be calm and prepare rationally and everything will be fine