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Gallbladder removed - bile help?

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Zoe999 Wed 25-Mar-20 11:59:36

Hi had gallbladder removed a week ago just before Boris cancelled all non emergency operations.

I had keyhole surgery now constipation worn off due to morphine etc. My liver bile reflux is in over drive, I need help in controlling it anyone have advice?

Just can't find any info on bile reflux only acid reflux or people that still have their gallbladder.

I'm trying to eat small low fat meals every 3 hours so the bile has something to process and I don't get runny bile poop. This morning woke up 530am burping with burning bile tummy tried 20mg omeprazole but didn't work. Had gaviscon felt bit better 20mins later 3 low fat digestive biscuits and a whole apple. Seems to have pushed through a normal poop and stopped burping.

Does anyone have any advice or experience as I can't get hold of a doctor easily due to the virus issues and have to rely on help to get meds and food but only get this once a week.

GrannyLaine Wed 25-Mar-20 12:02:25

You need to speak to a GP. Phone consultation?

Zoe999 Wed 25-Mar-20 12:42:54

Been waiting since 8am for go to call back. Was more wanting advice on other people experience with gallbladder removal and bile issues how they resolved it, what worked for them.

Izabella Wed 25-Mar-20 13:36:29

Not pleasant is it. I am on medication so your GP needs to help.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 25-Mar-20 13:45:06

A week seems early days though. Perhaps giving your system the chance to settle?

I was in A&E on Monday night as it was the first time that I had had gall bladder pain and didn't know what it was. Excruciating!! The ambulance people made the decision to take me (I was very reluctant) But now I know what it is I shall be happy to cope with it until normality returns.

silverlining48 Wed 25-Mar-20 14:38:23

I had my gallbladder removed last spring and have had problems with diarrhoea since then. Apparently it’s a post op risk, which was not mentioned to me at the time.
Am awaiting results of recent tests one of which was a nuclear test for bile malabsorption.
It’s only been a week since the operation Zoe, but I would pursue a discussion with your gp otherwise the hospital. Did they give you an info leaflet about your recovery? Sorry, probably not very helpful, but hope you feel better soon.

patcaf Thu 26-Mar-20 15:02:24

Had this done in November. Sounds quite normal for first week.I found gaviscon to be the best help. Also took half sachet of Movicol every day. I would stay away from fruit for a couple of weeks as I found it caused problems.
Give it a few weeks as mine settled down after a couple of weeks. Still need to eat regularly and small portions. Get phantom pain at times but nothing like I had before. Most people have no issues and life is much better.

Katyj Fri 27-Mar-20 20:34:04

Zoe how are you, hope your feeling
better. I was ment to have my gallbladder out in November but didn’t go ahead ( chickened out ) my surgeon told me about your problem, didn’t go into detail, also told me I could have ongoing diarrhoea that would need lifelong medication. He said as mine wasn’t causing any problems at the moment,it was best to leave it alone.
The only problem now is I have an ache on my right side which the dr says in costochondritis ( inflammation of muscle in between the ribs) which I’ve had for years. I can’t relax and forget it, so thinking I may as well have the op. Hope you feel better asap.