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Any more health anxiety sufferers out there?

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Lizbethann55 Sat 16-May-20 13:09:26

I suffer from HA at the best of times but right now it is really bad. I don't have a headache as such but my entire head feels really tight and tense and "headachey" and my neck feels that it needs a really good massage. I can imagine everything going creak and crack and loosening up. I am also suffering from awful dizzy spells, particularly when I lie down and get up and feel almost travel sick. This morning I even bought some Stugeron and got some very disapproving looks from the chemist. Yesterday morning I phoned the doctors and spoke to the receptionist. She said a GP would phone me back. It was evening when I got a call back and it was a nurse practitioner not a doctor. He was very nice and asked lots of questions but gave no suggestions or answers or advice. He just said the anti anxiety meds I take (propranalol) could cause a drop in BP. So I am non the wiser. Last night I ordered a BP monitor . I have no idea what my BP is. I know there was a similar post a few days ago. I guess i just want a bit of reassurance that i am not alone.

Antonia Sat 16-May-20 13:16:48

No, I am sure you are not alone. Any health anxiety is going to be exacerbated with the current crisis. Perhaps your blood pressure monitor will reassure you.

shysal Sat 16-May-20 13:49:50

I just typed a long reply and lost it. Grr!

I hope the BP monitor will not add to your anxiety. I have 'white coat syndrome' and have difficulty getting an accurate reading even at home. Never trust the first result if it is high! I have to sit quietly with the sun on my face, wearing the monitor, then when I feel myself almost nodding off, press the button to sort of catch it unawares.

Like you I have a permanent tight ache around the back of my head and a crunchy neck, which I suspect are due to stress which I am not usually aware of feeling. I know that if I catch the virus I may not survive as I am immunosuppressed and over 70. I am sticking to the guidelines and if you are too, it is extremely unlikely that you will become ill.

I hope that you will be reassured by the nurse practitioner or GP, and keep coming on here for help, or even a good laugh on other threads. I recommend this video which featured on one a while ago, to cheer you up.
Look after yourself flowers
How to make a face mask (lighthearted)

Lillian40 Sat 06-Jun-20 19:57:25

I can sympathize with you so much, I live alone my family are hundreds of miles away, my neighbors are very reserved and are self satisfied so seldom speak, and my few friends live in different areas which means we can't see each other...I take a multitude of medication which keeps me ticking over...I love to read and use a computer..sadly I haven't got a garden , so have pots of flowers to cheer me up...when I start to get low and desperate with loneliness, I think of the millions of people who are no longer with us because of this horrific virus, I then think how ever low and depressed I feel at least I still have my life, things will improve, differently but life is so precious. We have to fill our minds with things to organisations have lots of hings they need to help them. if you knit or sew they are so glad of the help.Just to know you are helping others and filling your time all helps....

ladymuck Sat 06-Jun-20 20:02:30

Lizbethann55, don't assume that it is just anxiety causing your symptoms. There are other viruses around, not just the Coronavirus. There is one which causes dizziness and nausea, so be kind to yourself.

Katyj Sat 06-Jun-20 20:17:14

Crunchy neck here too. I’m suffering lots of headaches though, I think it’s stress , as I can feel my muscles at the top of my shoulders are really hard I’ve been rubbing in deep heat with the added ibruprofen in it, that seems to help more than the paracetamol.
When you check your bp take readings when you are both sitting and standing as your bp could be dropping when you stand and causing the dizziness, this is what is happening to my mum at the moment, just hoping she doesn’t fall again .

blondenana Sun 07-Jun-20 11:13:11

I don't usually suffer with health anxiety, but i am at the moment, as last week while sat outside,i suddenly got palpitations, and went dizzy, just for seconds,didn't last long,
I have also had a fuzzy head and feel a bit light headed, then painful sinuses.for which i have now got antibiotics and nasal spray,i get sinus infections quite often so Dr just sends me ABs through, but this morning felt i couldn't breathe, and got the runs,probably caused by the ABs,
I haven't worried too much about the virus as i have not been out, apart from once to get food shopping,with a mask on and to the garden centre with a mask, but i felt really panicky this morning,
It didn't help when my son facetimed me and said i shouldn't go out at all. i know he's thinking of me, but it really got me stressed arguing about it
I hope everyone is well and keeping as safe as you can

BlueSky Sun 07-Jun-20 11:36:47

I suffer with health anxiety at the best of times, so found this virus outbreak even more scary. What upsets me is that they are already forecasting a second outbreak, this on top of all our usual actual health problems, which at the moment, can't be assessed and followed as before.

Kate1949 Sun 07-Jun-20 12:12:58

You are definitely not alone. I have developed terrible health anxiety. It has followed on from general anxiety caused by life events. It's a nightmare to be honest. If I get an ache or feel unwell, I think I am dying and then the panic sets in. I'm 70 and have never had a day's illness in my life. Unfortunately I have had many other problems which I think have brought this on. I agree with shysal. My blood pressure monitor terrifies me so I am unable to take it as I get into such a state, it shoots through the roof. I hope you find a solution.

Kate1949 Sun 07-Jun-20 12:16:29

shysal That made me laugh. I too try to catch the BP monitor unawares!

BlueSky Sun 07-Jun-20 12:24:28

Kate and Shysal I had that phobia too a few months back, I had a home bp monitor but was too scared to used it. It was only when I managed to get a normal reading that I plucked up courage to check it a couple of times a week. But even now if I feel stressed I leave well alone!

Kate1949 Sun 07-Jun-20 12:28:49

Me too Bluesky I leave it alone. Last year I had a meltdown. I was in the GP's office shaking and crying. She took my BP. It was through the roof. She didn't seem concerned. She said it was because I was in such a state.

annep1 Sun 07-Jun-20 12:32:31

Oddly enough I have just posted a thread about pulse and BP. But I have only recently started taking a pill similar to yours - bisoprolol. If you have been taking them for a while I'm not sure they should suddenly afffect you. I think its a good idea to get a monitor It will also read your pulse. Just take a few deep breaths before pressing the button. nothing to worry about. After that, I'm not sure about when to contact the doctor, what readings are ok. I'm waiting hopefully for replies, like you.
I'm surprised your doctor didn't want you to come for a checkup and maybe review your meds.

Hetty58 Sun 07-Jun-20 12:37:26

Your meds can cause low blood pressure, so the dizzy spells have an explanation. If you get up from lying or sitting down (especially too quickly) you may well feel sick, dizzy and shaky. Moving slowly helps

Stugeron can also make you feel drowsy, sick, weak and shaky - so I wouldn't recommend taking it.

Why not use your health anxiety in a positive way? You can focus on eating and exercising really well, perhaps do some online yoga or relaxation classes and follow other interests to distract yourself