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Stypctic pens?

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Willow500 Sun 31-May-20 07:40:11

I've been sitting here for the last 15 minutes dabbing at a small scratch on my finger which won't stop bleeding when I suddenly thought about the pen my dad used to use if he cut himself shaving. Does anyone still use them and do they work? I'm on blood thinners so the slightest nick bleeds annoyingly for ages!!

janeainsworth Sun 31-May-20 07:42:40

Get a wad of tissue and apply pressure for 20 minutes. Don’t dab.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sun 31-May-20 08:04:07

I used to use a styptic pen if I ever got a spot which I'd 'had a go at' which leaked a bit - sorry, too much information.
I haven't use one for ages (luckily have grown out of the spots) and neither have I seen them in the shops but then I haven't been looking. I'm sure they still exist but how hygienic are they?

ninathenana Sun 31-May-20 09:20:17

I've never used one but I remember dad used it if he nicked himself shaving.

LadyGracie Sun 31-May-20 09:25:54

DH is on warfarin, if he nicks himself he uses Germolene New Skin, after pressing gently on the cut to staunch the flow.

Willow500 Sun 31-May-20 13:36:57

I've used New Skin before which works until it peels off.

Apparently you can still buy styptic pens so I will have a look next time I manage to get out. I do also remember Dad with the odd bit of toilet paper stuck to his face in later years grin

FoghornLeghorn Mon 01-Jun-20 00:28:48

I remember my dad with little bits of cigarette paper on his face. He used to roll his own. 😂

MissAdventure Mon 01-Jun-20 00:30:06

I was just about to say that, too. smile

Marydoll Mon 01-Jun-20 00:34:20

I bought some on Amazon, as my DH still uses them. They were so hard to find and none of the chemists in Glasgow had any.
We went on a steam train journey on the West Highland line to Fort William last year.
I went into the chemist in Fort William on the off chance they might have one, the young asssitant looked at me, as if I was speaking a foreign language, she hadn't a clue what a styptic pencil was.

Boots have them!)+Boots-_-(GB:Whoop!)+Boots+Shopping+-+Category+-+Toiletries+-+Desktop&gclid=CjwKCAjwq832BRA5EiwACvCWsZD0YWZnQ4AS0aNKJHQ3QHLL7ABLWBHeN8ExxL9VmIJ-YksvUTPtlxoC4CAQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

welbeck Mon 01-Jun-20 01:06:13

tried once, never again, very painful, the chemicals i suppose.

Willow500 Mon 01-Jun-20 06:47:38

Thanks Marydoll will have a look and get a couple. It would be handy to have one in my handbag (if I ever get to use it again!).

Some years ago after an accident at home we went to visit a relative and the small cut on my hand opened up and I bled on her lovely light coloured sofa blush Plasters don't seem to stick the way they used to these days either!

Marydoll Mon 01-Jun-20 07:28:03

Willow, Superdrug have them online too.

EllanVannin Mon 01-Jun-20 09:25:41

My dad used them after shaving. I always remember these in the medicine cabinet at home. Not surprising as he used an open blade ! They were lethal but apparently it gave dad a better shave.

Willow500, I found that Asda's own plasters were good at sticking and staying put, not as expensive as Elastoplast too.