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Face masks-what sort to buy

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LadyBella Sun 31-May-20 12:38:23

There are so many face masks on the internet now. Has anyone any experience of any? I like the cloth, washable ones but they are described as non-medical. The ones described as medical are normally disposable. Don't know what to do. I'd like to buy some to feel safer when shopping.

BlueSky Sun 31-May-20 12:45:11

LadyBella I would advise the cloth ones. We've got them, they are cotton, wash well and dry quickly, the medical ones are lighter and while they are disposable you can still wash them and reuse them a couple of times. Now if everybody wore them at least in shops and public transport, and all public closed spaces, it would at least help.

LadyBella Sun 31-May-20 12:48:06

Thank you, BlueSky. I will go back to Etsy where I saw some nice cloth ones this morning. May as well get something attractive in these difficult times.

BlueSky Sun 31-May-20 13:18:37

Yes I've seen some pretty patterned ones now. When I ordered mine right at the beginning they only had plain black ones, but yes I'm tempted to get some colourful ones for the summer!

Willow500 Sun 31-May-20 13:20:39

There are plenty of patterns and instructions available online and YouTube - both sewn and no sew ones. I got some fat quarters from Aldi and made them.

Grannynannywanny Sun 31-May-20 14:56:05

I bought some cloth ones online. I carry a few nappy/dog poop bags in my pocket. I carefully remove mask by the loops when out of shop and drop it into bag. Then straight into wash. Although they are cloth the advice is to still only wear once then wash.

Any time I’ve heard doctors discuss masks on tv they all seem to emphasise that unless worn and used properly the risks can outweigh the benefits. The emphasis from the start of the outbreak being not to touch your face when outdoors. Not everyone but some are inclined to touch the mask while wearing it then proceed to handle tins of food, shopping baskets etc.

I’ve seen some masks worn in shops that look visibly worn and dirty and nothing but a health hazard to the wearer and fellow shoppers.

BlueSky Sun 31-May-20 17:22:32

Again it's a matter of the devil or the deep blue sea. People either wear them and then touch it and transfer whatever is on it to tins and trolleys or they don't wear them and you catch a sneeze or cough near you!

BlueBelle Sun 31-May-20 17:35:42

Absolutely no one is wearing them in my area I really haven’t seen one

Calendargirl Sun 31-May-20 17:53:39

Someone had one on at the supermarket, but his nose was uncovered. Not much use if he sneezed.


Grannynannywanny Sun 31-May-20 18:41:23

Calendargirl he maybe would have preferred a mask like this one. This photo was taken by a check out operator in the U.S. The customer modified her mask to make it more comfortable 😂

Bobbysgirl19 Sat 06-Jun-20 10:10:36

I really need to order a couple I am terrible at needlework.
I’ll look online at material ones.

seacliff Sat 06-Jun-20 10:41:53

I haven't got one yet, but am considering it. The thing is, I wear glasses, and have heard that some masks make your glasses steam up, so you have to wipe them to see, which defeats the object. I read somewhere, people were making masks with a short bit of pipe cleaner sewn in seam over the nose , so it hugs your face more and stops steam. Has anyone had a problem like this ?

Grannynannywanny Sat 06-Jun-20 10:53:58

seacliff when you’re shopping for them you’ll see some have an inbuilt nose wire to help mould it onto your face. They’re the best fit.

I’ve got one with and one without. I find without the wire my specs definitely steam up more. But I’ve perfected my technique in recent days by positioning my specs further down my nose. The nose wire variety are best fit and more effective at doing their intended job.

Teetime Sat 06-Jun-20 10:59:21

I can recommend this lady (Gaye) on -

bobbinaboutnottingha[email protected]

She made me two lovely face covers, washable with a double layer, they are shapedfit well over the nose and under the chin. I have one with cherries on and DH had a lovely navy one with a self pattern. £5 each plus £1 for post.

seacliff Sat 06-Jun-20 11:15:24

Thanks very much both of you. Teetime, that lady sadly has nothing for sale at the moment, maybe she has been inundated with requests! I will have a search around.

midgey Sat 06-Jun-20 11:19:17

Try on your local Facebook, there seem to be local seamstresses busy making them.

BlueSky Sat 06-Jun-20 13:58:22

Do you know what the surgical grade masks now recommended by WHO for the over '60s look like? They'll be like gold dust to source!

B9exchange Sat 06-Jun-20 14:28:13

Can I put in a plea that no-one, male or female, wears a plain black or dark colour mask, they give children nightmares. My DS had a workman in the house with a black mask on and DGS was completely freaked out and howled for the rest of the day?

Grannynannywanny Sat 06-Jun-20 14:54:01

BlueSky I think you’re right they will be like gold dust and rip off prices. I think a medical grade N95 mask costs around £5 and the manufacturer advises disposing of them daily.

I don’t think the UK govt are going to be happy about this recommendation as it has been difficult to source enough of them for frontline staff since the start.

They’ve repeatedly emphasised don’t attempt to buy them as they are not needed unless working in a hospital or care setting.

It will be interesting to hear what’s said at the no 10 briefing later

BlueSky Sat 06-Jun-20 17:58:32

Thanks Grannynanny I guess those I've got already (washable cotton and blue disposable) will have to do. Don't plan to be anywhere where I cannot distance myself.

ExD Sat 06-Jun-20 18:11:37

We were told at the beginning that masks only protected other people, but now its all changed to being advised to wear them in shops and public transport.
First, we were told of a French report that advised us not to use ibuprofen, now we're told to take paracetamol AND ibuprofen to bring down a fever.
What do we believe?
All the same, I shall wear one.

Rosalyn69 Sat 06-Jun-20 18:13:05

I have bought a box of blue disposable ones from Boots today. I got them while they were in stock.

lemongrove Sat 06-Jun-20 20:12:47

Try the ones by sleeping owl on etsy, they look good, I will order a couple myself tonight.Loads of good reviews.