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Hysteroscopy Reassurance Sought

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GuestCorrectly Sat 06-Jun-20 12:53:26

Last week I had a TVS, endometrial biopsy and blood tests. I found it quite unnerving going to the hospital in the middle of the pandemic and blood pressure even hit 160/90 when it was taken there (from somebody whose resting heartbeat is normally only 58)!
Seems the results weren’t conclusive (although blood test was good) and now I have to go back for a COVID test on Monday to enable a hysteroscopy on Tuesday.
Been researching on Internet hmm and now I’m having palpitations, they both sound barbaric.
Any advice to get this wimp through it?

anna7 Sat 06-Jun-20 14:38:37

I had a hysteroscopy a few years ago. I had no anaesthetic of any kind and found it completely painless. Even better the results found there was no problem. The doctor performing the hysteroscopy was able to tell me after he performed the procedure that he didn't think there was any problem although of course I had to wait for a letter to confirm this. Dont know about the Covid test but my son has been tested twice now and he didn't mention any discomfort. Both tests were negative. Good luck with both procedures.

annsixty Sat 06-Jun-20 15:45:57

I have also had a Hysteroscopy.
It was uncomfortable for a few seconds but not particularly painful.
I was able to watch it all on the screen along with the Dr and 2 nurses.
It was interesting as he pointed out various “bits” including the Fallopian tubes.
He did find polyps which looked enormous until he explained the magnification.
A few weeks later I had day surgery to remove the polyps and they proved to be harmless.
You will bleed slightly for a few hours after the procedure but like many things the anticipation is worse than the actuality.
Good luck.

Greenfinch Sat 06-Jun-20 16:02:44

I had one last year and was very nervous about it. In the event it was fine and all I felt was a few cramps like period pains. I was advised to take a couple of paracetamols beforehand and a couple afterwards.The bleeding afterwards can go n for a couple of days but is very light. Don't worry.

Teetime Sat 06-Jun-20 16:03:00

I had a hysteroscopy under GA a couple of years ago and it was all fine.

BBbevan Sat 06-Jun-20 16:40:43

My DD had a hysteroscopy a few months ago. She has had no children and without any pain relief it had to be abandoned as it was so painful for her. She went back a few weeks later, and with pain relief found it just acceptable.
Hope yours goes well

emmasnan Sat 06-Jun-20 16:46:33

I had one a few years ago, a bit uncomfortable but fine. It is interesting to watch.
Try not to worry, hope it goes okay.

Carillion01 Sat 06-Jun-20 16:49:59

Hello Guest, I had a hysteroscopy under general anaesthetic it was easy and nothing to worry about as a procedure. There is some bleeding afterwards as you'd expect but nothing uncomfortable.
Greenfinchs advice regarding some pain relief is probably all you'll need. Take care and sending best wishes.

suziewoozie Sat 06-Jun-20 17:15:57

Some women find it extremely painful - no one can guarantee how it will be for you. I had mine with a GA. I think it’s very wrong to tell people that it’ll be fine when we have no way of knowing that.

suziewoozie Sat 06-Jun-20 17:19:39

This is from the NHS website

‘Is a hysteroscopy painful?

This seems to vary considerably between women. Some women feel no or only mild pain during a hysteroscopy, but for others the pain can be severe.

If you find it too uncomfortable, tell the doctor or nurse. They can stop the procedure at any time.

If you're worried, speak to the doctor or nurse before having the procedure about what to expect and ask them about pain relief options.‘

GuestCorrectly Sat 06-Jun-20 19:44:44

Thank you all for your responses. It is good to know that you can have a hysteroscopy without feeling too much pain, even if that isn’t always the case.. I have had one before but it was under general anaesthetic, so have no idea as to the level of pain to expect and with hindsight I really shouldn’t have spent too much time reading online horror stories. Feel so much better now I have read the comments here.