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Vulnerable daughter living apart from her own children

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Snowbell Thu 11-Jun-20 07:43:26

My daughter has rheumatoid arthritis and is on methotrexate which affects her immune system. She was advised to shield, initially for 12 weeks then until at least 30 June. With 2 small children aged 1 and 7 and a husband who is a key worker in school this was not possible so she came to stay with me and her husband and children went to stay with his mum so she could look after the children while he was at work. It has been awful for her to be separated from the children for so long and I am very concerned about the long term effects on the children, especially the toddler who has changed so much during this time. The infection rate is very low in the area where we live. We have no idea what the shielding advice will be beyond 30 June. She is considering ignoring the risks to herself and moving the family back home together. Is anyone else in this position?

Marydoll Thu 11-Jun-20 08:30:00

Snowbell, how awful for you daughter.

The rules on shielding in Scotland have changed since Tuesday and being on Methotrexate is now not necessarily considered to be a condition for shielding.
It may be worth checking this out, depending where you live and bearing in mind, Scotland is about two weeks behind England on the route map.

This info is from the Scottish update,from 8th June.

Patients on a single Disease Modifying medications (DMARD) or Biologic such as Methotrexate , Azathioprine, Ciclosporin, Leflunomide plus others, would not be considered automatically in the highest risk group if they are otherwise healthy, but should be discussed with the specialist or GP if not sure.

sodapop Thu 11-Jun-20 08:49:23

That is so difficult for all the family Snowbell It's worth checking again as Marydoll said. I hope they can all live together soon.

cornergran Thu 11-Jun-20 08:58:07

So hard for the family snowbell, my heart goes out to them all. As well as checking official guidance could your daughter seek more personal advice from her consultant and GP? They will best understand her condition and the risks, she can then make her own informed risk assessment.

Iam64 Thu 11-Jun-20 09:19:16

That's so hard for all the family snowbell.
I am on a biologic treatment for RA and to cut a long story short, my rheumatologist said their assessment is that anyone one One disease modifier should be careful, but didn't need to shield. I used to take the combined methotrexate and biologic but stopped that 3 years ago as post retirement the disease wasn't as active. Plus methotrexate isn't an easy drug to take, left me feeling I had a permanent hangover.

My GP took a different view and I received the shielding letter about six weeks into lock down. I had my rheumatology review over the phone this week. The advice that anyone (like your daughter) on only one disease modifier, methotrexate in her case - does not need to shield.

I suppose the fact her husband works in schools and the children are at school increases your daughter's risk but this situation seems intolerable. If she's otherwise healthy, in her shoes I'd be going home and just being as cautious as possible. She's young, not in the over 70 high risk category so her risk assessment according to my rheumatologist would be 1. Those of us over 70 and on a disease modifier, get 1 for age and 1 for immune suppressant treatment. My rheumatologist says only people who score 3 need to shield.
Your daughter could take advice from her specialist nurse and then make her own informed risk assessment.