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Great news - an effective treatment for Covid..

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humptydumpty Wed 17-Jun-20 22:38:24

.. from the RECOVERY trial, a treatment for severe effects of Covid 19 reduces deaths in patients with severe respiratory problems by up to 1/3.

suziewoozie Thu 18-Jun-20 00:04:36

Whilst the results of this trial are to be welcomed, the issue about mortality rates once you are hospitalised with COVID are still very sobering. The results showed that if you ended up on a ventilator, then without this drug, you have a 41% of dying, with the drug treatment, your chance of dying falls to 28%. If you are on oxygen treatment, without the drug there’s a 25% chance of dying and with the drug 20%. If you’re in hospital and receive neither oxygen or are put on a ventilator, then there’s a 13% chance of dying - the drug treatment made no difference to this group.

The best ‘treatment’ of all is still to avoid getting infected in the first place especially if you are clinically vulnerable. When I read up about the trial, I concluded that I would still not be changing my behaviour anytime soon whilst we still have 1000s of new infections every week.

patcaf Thu 18-Jun-20 16:53:14

This has been used in ICU for years. I was on it back in November. ICU staff have been using it since covid-19 broke out. It is certainly an effective treatment in some cases but it is not new and the trials only confirm what has already happened in all ICU units. Hancock trying to claim a success which has nothing to with his management.

BlueBelle Thu 18-Jun-20 17:01:35

Yes I felt excited by the headlines but after reading more and talking to my daughter it seems this is a much used medication for years and patcaf is correct it’s just the government trying to claim a Tick during all their incompetence and poor handling
It’s a small move in the right direction as is the Vit D story which has also been around since about a month in

Whitewavemark2 Thu 18-Jun-20 17:03:15

They are desperate aren’t they?