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Cataracts or not?

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Jayjay1 Wed 24-Jun-20 02:02:52

I have terrible glare in the light ie sunny day or even rainy day with white clouds etc. The light reflects and makes me see blurry, double, colour loss etc, and also when driving have depth perception issues. I have been to opthalmology 3 times through my GP only to be told that I do have cataracts but they are so small that they shouldnt be causing any problems. I can read the chart with my glasses to about the 3rd to bottom line. However when l go out my sight changes in the light. It's never the same. Eg I leave the office and its sunny outside and Im almost. blind as l cannot see or make anyone out, even as near as 12 feet. Then l walk into sainsburys and the light changes and my sight improves drastically. On a sunny day l cannot see any better with or without my glasses. I'm - 3.0 in both eyes and with my glasses on I see exactly the same as without my glasses. I have been to Spa Medica and they said I have cataracts and are willing to operate. I really don't know what to do but one thing is for sure that I cannot go on like this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

BlueBelle Wed 24-Jun-20 05:54:08

Well I don’t think anyone on here can advice really because it is such a specialist subject and without all the equipment no one can know what’s going on
Is spa Medica private i m afraid I would presume they are looking for money
I have -12 in both eyes with other eye problems including small cataracts I also find my sight is worse in bright light (I wear contacts)
If I was you if you are not satisfied with your opticians answers I would either try a different one I find for me independent opticians are better that the high street one but that’s just me because I have complex eyes or I would ask for a referral to the hospital eye clinic they I find are fantastic

phoenix Wed 24-Jun-20 09:48:33

Spa Medica are one of those "private" hospitals that treat NHS patients. I had my cataract done on the NHS at a Nuffield clinic in Plymouth, but you still have to have a referral from your optician or GP.

Davida1968 Wed 24-Jun-20 10:34:14

My optician diagnosed both my cataracts, (at different times). My advice is to seek help from a suitably qualified optician who has no links with "private health." (Perhaps family/friends can recommend someone.) I appreciate that it's difficult at the moment - I don't know whether opticians are working. In the meantime, always wear sunglasses and a hat when you are out in any sunshine at all - this was advice given to me - quite strongly! - by my optician.

glammanana Wed 24-Jun-20 11:01:11

I would ask your Optician to refer you to Spa Medica and get on their list they are very quick in calling you in,I had both of mine done there last September one eye at the beginning of Sept and the other at the end everything so much better since.

Rosalyn69 Wed 24-Jun-20 11:40:25

I got a referral to a private hospital from my optician because the NHS waiting list was so long. I do think an opticians referral is the best way to go.

Kate54 Wed 24-Jun-20 12:24:36

My optician referred my very quckly to NHS contracted set up - it’s in Wisbech if that’s any use to you.

BlueBelle Wed 24-Jun-20 13:11:37

I wish I could have mine done but because I ve had torn retinas in the past they ve advised me not to as I could end up worse

Charleygirl5 Wed 24-Jun-20 13:48:12

There may be other eye issues apart from cataracts. I would ask you GP for a referral to an ophthalmologist. Do some of your own homework and have a look at your local hospital online and see what their interests are.

You do not want to have cataract surgery and whether you paid or not you dod not want to be worse off.

25Avalon Wed 24-Jun-20 13:56:26

.Do you have coated lenses on your glasses? I always have anti glare coating on my prescription lenses which makes a huge difference, so much so that I don’t even change to prescription sunglasses in the sun. I just don’t notice any glare. Idk if this will help in your case or not. I would go back to your optician as it sounds like there could be something wrong with your glasses and if not they can refer you on.

JohnRNIB Tue 30-Jun-20 16:34:45

Hi @Jayjay1

As posters have said elsewhere, current NICE guidance is that NHS cataract surgery should be offered depending on how they're impacting your quality of life.

You can contact the RNIB Eye Health Information Service confidentially through our Helpline for help and advice - just telephone: 0303 123 9999 Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, and Saturday 9am to 1pm, or email: [email protected], and maybe chat to see if something else might be at the root of the problems you're describing.

TwiceAsNice Tue 30-Jun-20 16:49:45

I have every sympathy for you . I have had previous surgery for a cataract and a more serious problem at the same time

However in light of what you say Im not sure you should be driving

GrandmaMoira Tue 30-Jun-20 20:31:19

I sympathise as I also have difficulty with glare. Anti glare glasses make no difference though polaroid sunglasses do help when sunny and in shops with bright lights. I also turn down my screen on laptop and phone. I also have small cataracts which caused a marked deterioration in my glare issues and caused a return of migraines.
I am managing by avoiding the brightest shops (easy now with lockdown) and getting off the screen when I feel uncomfortable. I don't drive.

Jayjay1 Sat 11-Jul-20 23:26:21

Thank you everyone for your advice. So I went today for another eye test at Boots, the optician was very good and asked me a series of questions and was very thorough. I told him what opthalmologist had previously said and I wanted him to check everything else out, in case there was another issue. He stated what I was saying was consistant with cataracts. And couldn't find any other abnormality in me eyes. I told him my vision improves 50 to 60% the very moment I step inside. So outside I was really struggling to see, next minute walked into Boots and everything seemed sharp and bright. I walk out agsin and its all blurry. The more natural light there is ie sun, white clouds (reflecting light) rain, wet floors, then the less I see. But agsin when he looked into my eyes he said he could see why the other opthalmologist at the nhs don't want to operate as the cataracts are small. But he acknowledged my issues and said he would refer me on, my prescription has changed 3 times in last 18 months and its actually slightly better than it was, and my left eye (where the cataracts are worse) has now gone from - 3.0 to - 2.75, but I see less (?) Im practically blind in the sun and need help. Thank you John for the RNIB HELPLINE number, I will ring them on Monday. Once agsin thank you to every one for their kind words and advice.

Whingingmom Sun 12-Jul-20 18:54:30

There are other conditions which can cause glare and poor vision in bright light. I think in your situation I’d see my GP and ask for a referral to an ophthalmologist (medical eye specialist) rather than an optician (specialist in refraction - ie glasses/vision).

Jayjay1 Thu 16-Jul-20 19:14:54

Just a quick update. So I rang RNIB today and they were very courteous and helpful and listened to what I said. Then was to told the opthalmologist would call me within 24 hours. They actually called me a couple of hours later, she had all my details and asked me more questions and listened very tentatively.
Obviously everything was over the phone but she said that it seemed that I could have light sensitivity and on top of that I have the really small cataracts that are making it worse ie maybe the cataracts in isolation wouldn't cause any problems as they are not really developed But the light sensitivity added is making my vision worse. She advised me to get tinted wraparounds which are like skiers sunglasses, apparently can wear them over the prescription glasses. They block more light from above and the sides. Also if they are not right I can return and get a different colour and if nothing works I can return and get full refund. They are on RNIB online shop and then you put eyeshield on the search bar.
So I will order these and see how it goes. I've also ordered new glasses with graduated tint

Whingingmom Tue 21-Jul-20 22:54:08

That sounds positive OP, I hope it is helpful for you.

Jimpy Sun 23-Aug-20 14:39:25

Specsavers sent me for a cataract op and when I saw the surgeon, he said cataracts are not your problem . He said it's Fuchs Endothelial Dystrophy.
Because of covid I had not had an assessment with the surgeon prior to the op date. I have similar symptoms to yourself, I think.

Jayjay1 Sun 20-Sep-20 05:17:49

Thanks for this update Jimpy, yes I have similar symptoms to FED, I've now been referred to Manchester Eye Hospital by my opthalmologist for more in depths test, hopefully they can make more sense out of it. Will keep everyone posted on any further developments.

travelsafar Sun 20-Sep-20 08:38:45

I have cataracts forming in both eyes which are not ready to be 'done' yet. I invested in anti glare lens when i got new specs in Feb this year. I still find they are not enough during bright sunshine and anywhere with bright lights. Outside i have to put a pair of sun glasses on over my normal glasses to see properly and i have a special pair in the car for driving which wrap around my eyes at the front and the sides. These are perfect for night time driving too as they cut the glare from headlights. I am due at the eye clinic in Jan 2021 so hoping they may have progressed enough to be rectified. I have heard people say it is transforming when they are done. Fingers crossed.

BlueSky Sun 20-Sep-20 12:01:26

When I had a check up at Specsavers about 4 years ago early cataracts were mentioned, but the optician said it would be about 10 years before they needed operating on. But cataracts weren't mentioned two years ago at my next check up and as I was worried about other things, I didn't ask. We'll see this time.

biba70 Sun 20-Sep-20 12:47:23

Sorry to hear, but truly not a matter for the Internet. Go and have your eyes thoroughly tested elsewhere- and discuss it with the ophtalmologist.

I was told I have the very beginnings of cataracts, and that I should be wearing my sunglasses all the time, and I do. Do you have sunglasses adapted for your sight?

All depends on the health of your eyes apart from cataracts. My mother had the full combo, macular degenaration, glaucoma and cataracts. She was literally blind- but she refused to have cataracts done as it would have made little difference.

JuliaM Sun 20-Sep-20 13:08:36

My husband was diagnosed with Cataracts during a routine eye check up appointment at Specsavers last year. They referred him down to the Eye clinic at our local Teaching Hospital, who put him on the NHS waiting list to have them removed. His first operation got cancelled the day before Lockdown started, but went ahead last Month, with great success. He’s now awaiting the second eye to be done, but because of the back log on the waiting list, this is not due to take place now until the new year.