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rectal prolapse

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Fennel Thu 25-Jun-20 17:51:12

Not me, thank God, but a close friend who has had a rectal prolapse for some years. It's getting much worse and now she's due to have an operation soon.
From what she says it will be keyhole surgery but she couldn't explain more about what the surgeon said. She lives in France.
Has anyone had this procedure recently?
I'm not going to say more to her at the moment because she has implicit faith in the medical profession. But I think she might need moral support afterwards.
There's an old thread about this but it's more about bladder and uterus support.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 25-Jun-20 17:56:05

fennel you always seem such a kind and gentle person, I’m sure your friend will be happy just receiving your support.

PinkCakes Thu 25-Jun-20 18:12:02

My husband's sister (she's 59) had that operation a couple of years ago, and was terrified about it. Once she'd recovered, she was so relieved and so much happier.

Fennel Fri 26-Jun-20 11:33:52

Thanks for your replies. At least (hopefully) she won't feel worse than she does now.

GrandmaMoira Fri 26-Jun-20 11:41:10

I had surgery for rectal prolapse along with bladder prolapse repair and hysterectomy for uterine prolapse. For me the symptoms from the prolapsed uterus were severe and had mild bladder issues. I didn't even realise I had rectal prolapse. I felt so much better after surgery.

GrandmaKT Fri 26-Jun-20 12:36:35

I can highly recommend the Facebook group Pessaries and Pelvic Organ Prolapse. Lots of very knowledgeable, kind and helpful women to give advice and reassurance.

Fennel Sun 28-Jun-20 11:48:15

Thanks again, ladies. I've tried to persuade her many times to join Gransnet but she's not 'puter-savvy.
Though she can do emails.
Moira - her symptoms are severe too, she says it's v. painful all the time.